Astrological Charts

Amazing tool of self discovery

Astrology Charts are such amazing tools for self awareness and healing. The unfolding of perceptions and affirmations about who you are when we look at your chart is truly life altering. Your Sun sign tells us your identity, your Moon sign is your true needs, past life and how your mother was with you. Mercury tells us how you communicate and think, Venus says what you desire and prefer and if you like yourself or have difficulty with that. Mars lets us know how you take action, your level of will to get things done and how you are when angry.  Each planet and placement and asteroid have their complex meanings and when put together in the chart we see how they all relate and dance with one another. 

With the chart I am not looking at predictions as much as long life patterns, overall talents, aptitudes, past life issues and current lessons.  We can see a lot about what career is best suited for you, and what you need most in a relationship. We can see the family dynamics you grew up with and we can see your best path to healing.  I am also happy to do compatibility charts, Solar returns, and children's or babies charts. Many parents have been so reassured when we look at their child's chart and see their true nature, and then we work together on how best to work with their desires and personality instead of fighting against it.  Astrology is very helpful.