Astrology this Week

Planetary shifts happening this week and how they can affect us

October 27th - New Moon in Scorpio - This is the TRUE Samhain - Halloween! The veils are the thinnest on this day when the dark moon is in the deepest sign, along side the sun. This year you may be much more in the mood with Venus and mercury in Scorpio still too. IT’s a good time to be very honest with yourself and others, and to remember the lost loved ones on the other side.

October 23rd - Sun enters Scorpio - Our deep and mysterious time of year awaits!

October 13th - Full Moon in Aries - The full moon in Aries opposite the Sun in Libra every year is a time when we’re challenged between self and others. You may feel you’e pulled in many directions, feel obliged to help even if you yourself need self care, or you may find yourself in argumentative dynamics. The best use of this energy is to find that inner warrior we all have and set strong intentions for yourself.

October 8th - Venus enters Scorpio - This Venus is smoking hot, sultry and possessive. Do you love to be owned or devoured? She is also a bit of a detective and can get any answer she wants from you with her seductive and secretive tactics.

October 3rd - Mercury enters Scorpio - Mercury dives deep into emotions and darker subject matter in this phase - a great time to meditate, write poetry, or see your therapist.

October 3rd - Pluto Direct - Pluto direct now bring some old things back to the forefront to be decided or followed through. The delay was end of April when it retrograded. So see what was going on for you at the end of April and reflect whether it’s come back now to be solved, healed, or let go of completely.

September 28th - New Moon in Libra - The Sun and Moon are in Libra emphasising all qualities of this sign. We can do well to make any amends, negotiations, or even first contacts under this influence. A great time for the arts and music too - whether you create it or sit back and enjoy it. Just watch for any people pleasing and steer clear.

September 28th - Saturn Opposite True node, Conjunct South node - This is a time of karma - the Lord of Karma ( Saturn) sits on the karmic directions or nodal axis. This may be a day of a lot of changes, decisions needed or acted upon. They will have lasting effects.

September 23rd - Sun enters Libra - that time of year when we weigh all relationships, issues of fairness, and bring beauty and harmony into our lives.

September 18th - Saturn Direct - Any issues from April 29th until now are sorted out and we can see positive decision and progress now.

September 14th - Full Moon in Pisces - This Full Moon is conjunct the North and South nodes as well so it is significant. There is a karmic feeling - a life lesson at hand - a turning point or resolution feeling with this full moon. Let something come to an end if it needs to. Resolve to make changes that will improve your life or your character.

September 14th - Mercury enters Libra - This Mercury quality is very social, diplomatic and gently spoken. Sometimes very graceful and poetic, sometimes meek. It’s a great placement for artists, writers and poets because the mind and expression are seeking harmony and beauty. It’s a good time for ironing out any differences.

September 14th - Venus enters Libra - Venus is at home here - She rules Libra. Creating beautiful atmospheres, homes, fashion, writing, romance - all tinted with the lens of being in love with love itself.

August 30th - New Moon in Virgo

August 29th - Mercury enters Virgo -

August 23rd - Sun enters Virgo

August 21st - Venus enters Virgo - Venus now Joins Mars, and soon the Sun in Virgo making an alignment or stellium in Virgo. What does that mean ? Lots of Virgo energy! Planning, analysing, naming things, categorising, cleaning up, anxiety, cleansing, healing and purification.

August 18th - Mars enters Virgo - This is the perfectionist, purist, nitty gritty details Mars, the one who organises your finances or your closets, the researcher who finds the fine print or the absolute most efficient way to get from A to B. This energy is helpful to apply in these scenarios.

August 15th - Full Moon in Aquarius - The Moon of Brotherly Love and inclusion. There will be 3 planets - Sun, Venus and Mars - opposing this moon so the push and pull between the ego and the group, self and others, attention vs being behind the scenes is very strong.

August 11th - Uranus Retrograde - Some positive changes and excitement are on our plates - possibly in our finances and love lives!

August 11th - Mercury enters Leo - This placement of Mercury is for confidence and authority when you speak. You can lead, delegate well, motivate and uplift others greatly. If misused it becomes bossy, catty, demanding or attention seeking for it’s own sake. Let’s make it the former shall we ?

July 31st - New Moon in Leo - The second New Moon of the month! This Leo Moon is a great time to bring out your inner diva, King or Queen. Show your noble side and be generous, all while letting yourself shine.

July 31st - Mercury Direct ! - Finally ! Mercury goes direct today and enters the post shadow phase. This makes for one less retrograde on our plates and this will start to lighten things up and have us wanting to get back on track.

July 27th - Venus enters Leo - This can be a very passionate placement that wants big expressions of love and affection, loyalty and desire. It can be a romantic time or passions can stir by way of ambition or strong will.

July 22nd - Sun enters Leo - Once again the Sun is back home in the sign it rules and we can let ourselves out to play and be seen!

July 19th - Mercury Retrograde enters Cancer - The quality of Mercury in Cancer is to be more emotional, sensitive, reminiscing about the past, hanging onto old hurts, being touchy, and also being very intuitive, deep and intimate. This retrograde could bring you into very sensitive conversations and the only way for this to work well is to communicate with compassion and lost of listening.

July 16th - Full Moon Partial Lunar Eclipse - This is a very intense aspect and is bringing a lot of old issues to the foreground and is asking us to make a decision and move on. Old pains - physical and emotional are coming up - and we must plunge into it so we can heal it.

July 8th - Chiron Retrograde - Another aspect for healing our old wounds.

July 7th - Mercury Retrograde - Communication is out of phase - it might be computer issues, missed meetings, misunderstandings, or it may mean being more introverted in general.

July 4th - Saturn opposite North Node - This means that Saturn is sitting on the South node - which means old lifetimes and old lessons coming back to force us to learn and move on from them. If you feel something from the past has come back to haunt you - it has. Now you have to solve it or let it go.

July 3rd - Venus enters Cancer - Venus adds more feminine energy to the New Moon and Sun in Cancer. We are headed into a time of family, home, deeper intimacy and caring for others. Pretty good placement :)

July 2nd - New Moon in Cancer - The dark moon is here. The time for planting seeds and ideas. Cancer moons are very sensitive, shy, introverted, nurturing and empathic. This New Moon and eclipse can really emphasise all these qualities. You may want to just be alone in a cosy place.

July 2nd - Full Solar Eclipse - Eclipses can bring changes or surprises to us. Sometimes from an event or news, sometimes internal shifts of our mood or insights that come.

July 1st - Mars enters Leo - This Mars is determined, dynamic, feisty, romantic or dramatic, can have a temper if pushed or don’ t get their way. The best part is the flair for life and youthful energy. Leadership is part of this Mars when well dignified. Let’s just focus on the great parts and watch the egos and tempers the next few weeks.

June 26th - Mercury enters Leo - A new confidence of thought and assertiveness of expression comes with Mercury in Leo. It can lead to nobility or be a bully, inspire and uplift or be a diva. So we watch that our ego is in check before we speak, and then our words will resound further.

June 21st - Neptune Retrograde - The normal veils of Neptune’s idealism fade under this aspect and we must look at the reality of what is there, or not there as we wished. It can be a bit painful or disappointing to discover all is not as we hoped for or believed. However, this is the Spiritual work itself to see and accept and then love and have compassion for what is.

June 17th - Full Strawberry Moon in Sagittarius! - This full moon traditionally coincides with the harvesting of strawberries mmm. This full moon will conjunct Jupiter giving us a blast of Sagittarian energy. That means we want to expand, travel, learn, talk and tell our truth to the world. It’s a great time to get your life unstuck in any way with this exuberance and candour.

June 16th - Jupiter square Neptune - We have the potential for magical creativity and self expression this week as long as we check that we are not with our heads in the clouds of unrealistic expectations. It’s a delicate balancing act between inspiration and seeing what you’re ready for at this time. Expand !

June 8th - Venus enters Gemini - The Flirty and self re-inventing Venus. This is a good time to meet people, flirt, date, drum up new contacts, shift your look or wardrobe, get caught up on your latest news and trends. IT’s a fun placement for play and curiosity, not so much for commitments.

June 4th - Mercury enters Cancer - Conversations turn toward empathy, emotion, past memories, sentimental and comforting times. It’s a good time to draw closer to people and have long overdue heart to heart conversations.

June 3rd - New Moon in Gemini - Make your wishes and plant your seeds and ideas with a new moon in Gemini it’s a good time to communicate anything in your heart and a great time to get out and socialise, network and express your creativity.

May 22nd - Neptune Trine North Node - Trines are lovely flowing energy between planets, and now Neptune brings it’s glow to the north Node of the Moon and we may feel a sense of destiny or an old soul connection to something or someone in our lives. IT is also an excellent aspect for spiritual growth and for creative matters

May 21st - Mercury enters Gemini - Mercury rules Gemini so it is very happy here. The words are quick, clever, articulate , witty and sometimes sharp - but certainly never boring. We just need to watch that life doesn’t become too scattered or surface, and use this placement to be curious, learn, bond and expand our circles.

May 21st - Sun enters Gemini - Social life and discourse will ramp up during the Sun in Gemini. Multi-tasking, self reinvention, keeping up with news and trends. Having two lives, or more - multiple crowds or interests to juggle - then needing extreme down time.

May 18th - Full Moon in Scorpio - This is a very deep and powerful full moon. It can give great intensity, passion, transformation, past life occurrences and recall, mystical experiences, the need for solitude if the true partner is not there. This full moon has a very good feeling to it. I am leaning toward the mystical feeling vs the drama.

May 15th - Mars enters Cancer - Mars is a fiery planet that needs fast action and decision making. Cancer is a water sign and the crab goes in and out of it’s shell until it’s safe to come out - if that ever happens. This combo makes for more caring, thoughtfulness, nurturing, but not great with decisions or solving conflicts. It will - like the crab - move sideways and manipulate to get what it wants vs ask or go for it themselves.

May 15th - Venus enters Taurus - The Ruling planet of Taurus is Venus so it is very happy here. It speaks of sensuality, beauty, loyalty and security, charm and good food, balanced budgets and long term futures.

May 6th - Mercury enters Taurus - This ushers in calmer, soothing and practical communications and likely will smooth out recent problems if you allow it to.

May 4th - New Moon in Taurus - The Sun, Moon and Uranus line up together this New Moon and bring a desire for stability but it’s not there. The other planets factoring in strongly are the conjunction of Saturn, Pluto and the South node - karma is a b@#$ch as they say. We may be truly forced to move on by something in our lives. Embrace the changes and the shock of any losses, and keep moving forward.

April 30th - Saturn Opposes True Node in Cancer - A test of relationships is possible here. The polarity of the Mother and Father of the zodiac in a karmic relationship here can highlight strong dynamics at play in your own life. Parenting, or re-parenting yourself or perhaps parenting your own parents. The tug of was between achievement and provision, vs the nurturer. Past life issues related to marriage dynamics, the roles you played - provider or nurturer etc. You may feel held back by a relationship, even if you grow from it.

April 29th - Saturn Retrograde in Capricorn until September 18th - Time to re-think your relationship to responsibility. Are you running from it? Are you carrying the burdens of others that aren’t yours? Do you have a clear and healthy sense of what responsibility looks like as opposed to duty and self sacrifice ? It will also ask us to examine our relationship to authority and power - yes governments and institutions as well - and challenge us to know our place and our rights. Status is another common theme of this sign so yours can come under review in this transit - and you’ll have to make peace with what things you can work hard for and achieve, and what things are out of your control.

April 25th - Saturn Retrograde in Capricorn until September 18th - Karmic adjustment or lessons could be underway in the next few months related to how responsible we have been. If you’ve been overly or adequately responsible in your past you may be rewarded on some level, and if you have been running form responsibility then you may be forced to take some on. We may be in a time when we need self-discipline and struggle with it. We may be tested to see if we are truly ready to step up to the next level of responsibility in our lives :)

April 24th - Pluto retrograde in Capricorn until October 2nd - For the next few months we enter a time of releasing old burdens relating to Capricorn themes of - authority, ambition, torturous goals, authoritarian attitudes, climbing the ladder, emotional burdens and austerity. It’s time to let any imbalances go in your life on this level. It will tend to make you purge what isn’t necessary anymore.

April 20th - Venus enters Aries - Can you say ME first? Well this Venus can - say no more

April 20th - Sun enters Taurus - Our annual shift into Taurus may be less calming than other years since Uranus is resting here as well. For the first bit of the sign - the remainder of April - we will feel some electricity and shake ups to our foundations. change is inevitable - embrace it as an adventure and stay adaptable.

April 19th - Full Moon in Libra - This is the second full in Libra ! This is a rare occurrence. So what is it trying to tell us showing up twice in one year? Libra is about justice, balance yes - but more about weighing things to be sure to fair - diplomacy is key here. Mercury in Aries along with the Sun can make us blunt and even rude or insensitive if we aren’t careful , so with all the hotheaded energy in the past week its time to decide if you want to meditate and save things or clear the air for good.

April 17th - Mercury enters Aries - Get ready for more bold or direct communications. You won’t be mincing your words and may even blurt out the truth sometimes despite yourself, and it will be done in earnest even if not well received. This Mercury placement is honest but lacks tact sometimes. Let’s be a bit cautious and choose our words wisely unless you enjoy arguing online for days :)

April 10th to August 11th - Jupiter Retrograde in Sagittarius - We may be tested to go within and grow before life bestows us with he love or wealth we desire.

April 5th - New Moon in Aries! - This Moon is all bout the Self! A burst of energy and will to get things started. Impatience for new projects and plans to happen.

April 4th - Pluto Opposite True Node (conjunct South Node) - Anything putting pressure or emphasis on the nodal axis is a big deal. We can feel the directionality of our lives change - personally or even globally. With Pluto sitting on the South Node it means that we will be forced to move on from our past life karmas. We can expect an interesting event in and around this day.

March 31st - Mars enters Gemini - Get ready to be busy, social and flirty. You may take on many projects or invitations at once, network or date. Don’t expect too much from it besides stimulation and introduction because this is a flighty mars and sometimes a manipulative placement as well. But a FUN time to be had!

March 28th - Mercury Direct! - Yay! The retrograde is over. There is a post shadow phase so we may still encounter some influences of the retrograde period but the worst is over. Time to make plans for spring and clean our thinking !

March 26th - Venus enters Pisces - A lovely placement for having love, creativity, intuitive flow and telepathic communications with others. Otherwise it’s pure escapism and we need to with for self- destructive tendencies of that.

March 20th - Full Moon in Libra - Taking a look at our inner need for harmony, justice, balance, communication and need to please are all a good idea with this axis of Self (Sun in Aries) vs Others ( Full Moon in Libra)

March 20th - Sun enters Aries - The Pioneering and warrior spirit within us returns for spring!

March 6th - New Moon in Pisces - Sun, Moon and Mercury and Neptune will all be in Pisces making for a watery glow and transcendent mood. This is a very psychic moon placement so pay attention to your dreams and insights more than usual. It’s a great time for healing and creativity.

March 6th - Uranus enters Taurus - here we go! See my article on what this means - it’s a generational and society changing time.

March 5th - Mercury Retrograde - See my blog article for what this means!

March 1st - Venus enters Aquarius - This placement likes things to be quirky, spunky, counter culture, rebellious, a bit in your face, cheeky, or just plain weird. This means our desires and tastes or those presented to us by others - maybe shown an inspiring new artist, new band or movie? or get an awkward or strange question or proposition. Or perhaps the revolution is starting….you’ll see! It’s a full of surprises Venus.

February 19th - Full Moon in Virgo - Despite the fact that the Sun and Moon opposing for a Full Moon can create intensity or drama - this Full moon has excellent aspects to the moon lending it support. Mrs and Uranus in Taurus together trine the Virgo Moon giving us some drive to accomplish and do things we may have been putting off. You have the sudden head-space for it. Jupiter also trines Mars and Uranus so there is ample energy to burn. Use it wisely !

February 18th - Sun enters Pisces - Now the sun enters the sensitive, compassionate and creative Pisces. Our hearts and senses are open wide to new spiritual experiences, or when it’s too much we escape from reality.

February 18th - Chiron enters Aries - The sound of the self. Aries is the essence of the self - we have to care about ourselves or we are at risk for many problems. Self care can be harder, standing up for yourself tougher, allowing others to dominate you, and worse, define you are things to watch for. Claim your sovereignty over yourself.

February 14th - Mars enters Taurus - We will be looking at life through a practical lens for the next while. The budget, bottom line, comfort, security, sensuality and stubbornness are also in this mix. It’s great for business and for forging loyalties.

February 10th - Mercury enters Pisces - Mercury in Pisces is in detriment and fall - this means it is very uncomfortable here. Pisces is like a mist over the ocean where we can see images in the fog and interpret the psychology of it. Mercury usually wants to know if the candles are in the candle place. You see the dilemma ? Mercury wants to put words on what Pisces cannot name. Therefore there is a lot of worry and inability to name what’s going on inside you.

February 4th - New Moon in Aquarius - Plant your seeds of innovation or rebellion as you must. The New Moon in Aquarius is a time for staying cool and keeping your sensitivities to yourself. Think of it more as keeping it for yourself, or waiting on a secret plan vs being silenced, and it will give you the right spirit!

February 3rd - Venus enters Capricorn - This Venus placement wants to get things done and have them rock solid. She wants her security AND her status thank you very much, and she can handle going from boardroom to boudoir in an instant.

January 31st - Saturn Sextile Neptune - Sticking to your ideals and having the patience to see them through is all part of this transit. You can now give form ( structure, procedure, paperwork, licences etc) to your ideals or dreams!

January 24th - Mercury Enters Aquarius - Now we have air in a fixed sign Trapped air? There is a lot of thinking and analysing, but also the desire to do things in a new way. This placement is very inventive and open minded, inclusive and detached.

January 21st - Full Moon Total Eclipse in Leo! - This eclipse chart shows a good deal of intensity - which is usual for eclipses, but this one may pack a real punch. When Sun and Moon are opposed we already have a set up for polarising moments, disagreements, or confronting things inner and outer, and we also have heightened emotion and reactionary potential too. We all know how this can go unless we choose out battles. To see my full report of this eclipse click here

January 20th - Sun Enters Aquarius - The sign of brotherly love, acceptance of differences, friends with everyone, innovative, eccentric and rebellious - welcome to THAT time of year :)

January 13th- Jupiter Square Neptune - a test of faith, a wake up check to your ideals or dreams, if you have been hoping for a magical bypass to doing the necessary work you may be disappointed. We also have to be a bit cautious of our open hearted generosity and be sure the recipient is deserving of this love and good will.

January 7th - Venus enters Sagittarius - Now the mood shifts out of the deep, mysterious, all or nothing love vibe to the more adventurous, au naturel, active vibe. It will be a breath of fresh air to feel things are fresh, transparent and dynamic again.

January 6th - Uranus goes Direct 28' Aries - The old has been burned away and the new is beginning and you will need some courage on the path ahead . Bring out your warrior spirit to be bold now.

January 5th - New Moon Partial Eclipse ! -   15' Capricorn  8:28 pm - This shift ushers in some ambitious new ideas or plans that can have a lasting effect in your life.

January 4th  - Mercury enters Capricorn - Communications are now more calm, discrete, conservative or serious, practical and utilitarian. It’s a good placement for business dealings.

Happy New Year!

December 31st - Mars Enters Aries - We kick off our year with mars in Aries the warrior! This can be an excellent sign for anyone wanting the fire of anew beginning. If you need to rally your will and fight for what you want this is great. We only need to watch for anger management type issues. Keep your temper in check and use this force to move forward!

December 22nd - Full Moon in Cancer - This moon is best celebrated with family, friends, intimate conversations, cosy fire places, good food and all things safe and nurturing. It brings out the well of emotion to flow or pour over us - so allow yourself to feel and release, and show the love that’s in there :)

December 21st - Sun enters Capricorn - Winter Solstice - The darkest day has arrived and now the coming of the light begins. Honouring yourself and your self care - including planning for the long-term are part of Capricorn energy.

December 12th - Mercury Enters Sagittarius - Direct, witty, funny, and sometimes tactless Mercury in Sagittarius arrives just in time for the holiday season to bring us out of our shells a bit after such a long few months of Scorpio truth telling. The mood is about to get lighter.

December 9th - Chiron direct - A long period of connecting to your old wounds is now over- so it is time for a decision on how to go forward on an old issue. It’s a breath of fresh air for apology, closure or release.

December 7th - New Moon in Sagittarius - This is a buoyant New Moon because it will conjunct Jupiter and give us a lift in our mood. A little burst of fire energy in the midst of many watery planets can help us get things done or provide a break from the serious - go have fun!

December 6th - Mercury goes Direct - If you have had any technical issues, phone issues, misunderstandings or things not well said, now is the time to fix, sign, correct and try to smooth it out again.

December 2nd - True Node trine Chiron - The general direction we are all going in as a societal focus is in Cancer. This means we come back to the feminine side, the home and hearth, emotions, caring and nurturing. When it trine Chiron - which is our wound - we can get a very emotional result this week. It’s not bad at all, but it may make you very aware of the balance of giving and taking in your life. It will need to be brought back into balance.

December 2nd - Venus enters Scorpio - And back we go with Venus in Scorpio as we had it in earl fall. Some themes may repeat themselves from the early autumn, but they should also resolve - this refers to relationship issues and maybe dramas. Also it could bring you some passion and romance for the lucky ones

December 1st - Mercury Retrograde enters Scorpio - When Mercury goes retrograde it sometimes changes it’s sign on its’ way backwards, so this is what is going on now. Mercury in Scorpio likes realness and deep talks, nothing fluffy or shallow, or indirect. So if you are ready to have this kind of communication then go for it.

November 24th - Neptune Direct in Pisces - Neptune retrograde started in June 2018 and represents a time when you may have been dealing with internalised fears and a general stripping away of illusions and idealisations. This is a chapter of this closing now. It happens once a year.

November 23rd- Full Moon in Gemini - It’s time to get out and be social and connected to your friends, neighbours, communities. Re-invent yourself and have some fun, or make sure at least that you are mentally stimulated so you can use this full moon to uplift your mood!

November 22nd - Sun in Sagittarius

November 18th - December 6th - Mercury Retrograde - The quest for inner knowledge and truth keeps going on int the holiday season. If you hate small talk you will enjoy this transit with its deeper conversations or deep meditations, reading and insights. Otherwise tread more carefully with people’s hearts because the emotions run very deep and our words are very powerful right now.

November 16th - Venus Goes Direct in Libra - This is a very nice turn of events for us! Finally a long period of relationship examination or blasts from the past are done with and we can look forward to a bit of nice socialising, with ease. Maybe even some romance!

November 15th - Mars Enters Pisces - Mars is not comfortable in this sign at all. The fire and action of this planet are met with a wet blanket or a foggy bridge. IT’s hard to take or enact concrete plans under a Pisces Mars unless you are going on the flow of intuition. Then it can be beautifully synchronistic.

November 15th - Mercury Retrograde in Libra - We go into that familiar cycle where we are warned to be clearer than ever with our words and contracts, “get it in writing” is usually good advice anyway, but wen Mercury Retrograde is in Libra - the scales of Justice - please get things made official vs just verbal. Misunderstandings are the not so fun part of this cycle, so try your best to be clear and transparent, and pick your battles.

November 8th - Jupiter enters Sagittarius - The Return to Optimism - For my full article on what this next year means click here

November 7th - New Moon in Scorpio - True Halloween or Samhain is this alignment of Sun and new Moon in Scorpio. Honour your ancestors today and be open to spirit communication

November 6th - Uranus Retrograde goes back into Aries - We have had a taste of Uranus in Taurus since May and now it retrogrades back to Aries where we were for 7 years. This means cleaning up the last 7 year cycle for a bit. Nothing new comes up really, its’ old stuff you already knew somehow - but now you need to wrap it up and close the door on it before it goes direct again.

October 31st - Mercury enters Sagittarius - communications just got more speedy, blunt, real, smart and witty. Enjoy this truth telling and buoyant phase of Mercury and do a little cleaning up of your circles

October 31st - Venus Retrogrades into Libra - Now the return of the ex, or thinking about past relationships shifts to the lighter side. You may be more nostalgic, romanticise or idealise past relationships - so it is more of a test NOT to go back under these circumstances. Be patient. Weight things as Libra Venus does - for fairness and mutuality.


October 23rd - Sun enters Scorpio!

October 24th - Full Moon in Taurus - One of the most powerful full moons each year is the Taurus ad Scorpio axis. Why ? because both are very strong and very stubborn energies. both will NOT give up or give in without a fight - they just use different strategies. So this is the energy of this full moon. You may need to take a stand, or let something go. See if the battle is truly worth it first. This combo can also bring incredible passions! Great if you are in a new romantic phase, or the honeymoon stage of anything.

October 8th - New Moon in Libra - The desire to please ? or the need for Justice ? Inner harmony is needed in whatever form you can get it. Art, beauty, order and calm all bring you closer to the Divine. Set your intentions for this cycle to manifest your wishes.

October 9th - Mercury enters Scorpio - Communication planet shifts into a deep water sign. It will be great for insightful talks, emotional intimacy, and intuitive communication. Not so easy if people are hiding or hard to read - the mysterious side of the coin. Make sure you and others are transparent.


October 1st - Pluto Direct - For the last 5 months Pluto, our planet of transformation, death and re-birth , has been retrograde and pushing us to suppress or stagnate our deeper emotions. However, it has given us the chance to get very clear and we can now act on some big changes you may have been contemplating.

October 5th - Venus Retrograde in Scorpio - This is a deep placement of Venus because it has strong desires and ability to magnetise and manifest. When it retrogrades we turn this energy inward which can bring power, or frustration depending on how we handle it.


Full Moon in Aries

September 24th 10:52pm

September 24th - Full Moon in Aries - This is the quintessential push and pull between self and others that happens twice a year. When the Sun is in Libra (who wants to please and negotiate) and Moon in Aries who wants to honour its own path even if it means being alone and taking risks.

September 30th - Pluto Direct in Capricorn - Pluto turned retrograde April 22nd and put us through a deep introspection of our place in the world, our good standing with others and where we need to learn to do this better. Now it turns direct and we will have to take what we learned the past few months and apply it outwardly. Things will likely be busier !

Sun in Libra September 23rd

Sun in Libra!

September 23rd

September 18th - Mars in Aquarius square Uranus in Taurus - Two stubborn signs make a 90’ angle - a square- and tempers can flare. Uranus rules Aquarius and is more comfortable with eccentric, inventive or rebellious energy to move things forward, but when it is in Taurus is it very uncomfortable. We may want to shy away from conflicts today unless it’s truly important.

September 22nd - Mercury enters Libra - Communication planet now moves into the sign of the diplomat, artist and pleaser (or meddler) We can expect more talk or news of legal matters, justice and fairness as topics, and the arts or music. We want to be tactful and mediate any disagreements and avoid sitting on the fence of indecision.

September 23rd - Sun enters Libra - A social time of year where your relationships and interpersonal dynamics will play a large role in your life. It’s a good time to have meetings, gatherings, parties, jam sessions and brain-storming sessions.

September 23rd - Mercury in Libra square Saturn in Capricorn - This can feel like a deadlock mentally. Indecision and endless weighing of options mixes with restriction and responsibility or duty. A decision is needed now not in a month.


September 9th to October 31st - Venus in Scorpio

This is a time when our desires (Venus) are expressed through the energy of Scorpio. This means we will see more desire for depth in our relating to others, possibly more sexual dynamics at play - for the good side of passion and intensity, but also for the lusty or manipulative or possessive. This Venus placement wants to be in control and wants to dive deeply into intimacy and can be jealous or possessive about it.

September 10th to November 15th - Mars in Aquarius

Mars is our action side and the sign expresses how we go about getting what we want, and if it’s effective, healthy, too aggressive etc. Mars in Aquarius is stubborn and eccentric, inventive and very independent. You won’t be able to tame this energy of freedom or rebellion if need be. This Mars wants to be himself and doesn’t care if he looks different or rubs people the wrong way. Take me as I am Mars will go against the status quo i ways that bother us and in ways that push innovation and growth, and more personal freedom of expression.