Astrology this Week

Planetary shifts happening this week and how they can affect us

November 16th - Venus Goes Direct in Libra - This is a very nice turn of events for us! Finally a long period of relationship examination or blasts from the past are done with and we can look forward to a bit of nice socialising, with ease. Maybe even some romance!

November 15th - Mars Enters Pisces - Mars is not comfortable in this sign at all. The fire and action of this planet are met with a wet blanket or a foggy bridge. IT’s hard to take or enact concrete plans under a Pisces Mars unless you are going on the flow of intuition. Then it can be beautifully synchronistic.

November 15th - Mercury Retrograde in Libra - We go into that familiar cycle where we are warned to be clearer than ever with our words and contracts, “get it in writing” is usually good advice anyway, but wen Mercury Retrograde is in Libra - the scales of Justice - please get things made official vs just verbal. Misunderstandings are the not so fun part of this cycle, so try your best to be clear and transparent, and pick your battles.

November 8th - Jupiter enters Sagittarius - The Return to Optimism - For my full article on what this next year means click here

November 7th - New Moon in Scorpio - True Halloween or Samhain is this alignment of Sun and new Moon in Scorpio. Honour your ancestors today and be open to spirit communication

November 6th - Uranus Retrograde goes back into Aries - We have had a taste of Uranus in Taurus since May and now it retrogrades back to Aries where we were for 7 years. This means cleaning up the last 7 year cycle for a bit. Nothing new comes up really, its’ old stuff you already knew somehow - but now you need to wrap it up and close the door on it before it goes direct again.

October 31st - Mercury enters Sagittarius - communications just got more speedy, blunt, real, smart and witty. Enjoy this truth telling and buoyant phase of Mercury and do a little cleaning up of your circles

October 31st - Venus Retrogrades into Libra - Now the return of the ex, or thinking about past relationships shifts to the lighter side. You may be more nostalgic, romanticise or idealise past relationships - so it is more of a test NOT to go back under these circumstances. Be patient. Weight things as Libra Venus does - for fairness and mutuality.


October 23rd - Sun enters Scorpio!

October 24th - Full Moon in Taurus - One of the most powerful full moons each year is the Taurus ad Scorpio axis. Why ? because both are very strong and very stubborn energies. both will NOT give up or give in without a fight - they just use different strategies. So this is the energy of this full moon. You may need to take a stand, or let something go. See if the battle is truly worth it first. This combo can also bring incredible passions! Great if you are in a new romantic phase, or the honeymoon stage of anything.

October 8th - New Moon in Libra - The desire to please ? or the need for Justice ? Inner harmony is needed in whatever form you can get it. Art, beauty, order and calm all bring you closer to the Divine. Set your intentions for this cycle to manifest your wishes.

October 9th - Mercury enters Scorpio - Communication planet shifts into a deep water sign. It will be great for insightful talks, emotional intimacy, and intuitive communication. Not so easy if people are hiding or hard to read - the mysterious side of the coin. Make sure you and others are transparent.


October 1st - Pluto Direct - For the last 5 months Pluto, our planet of transformation, death and re-birth , has been retrograde and pushing us to suppress or stagnate our deeper emotions. However, it has given us the chance to get very clear and we can now act on some big changes you may have been contemplating.

October 5th - Venus Retrograde in Scorpio - This is a deep placement of Venus because it has strong desires and ability to magnetise and manifest. When it retrogrades we turn this energy inward which can bring power, or frustration depending on how we handle it.


Full Moon in Aries

September 24th 10:52pm

September 24th - Full Moon in Aries - This is the quintessential push and pull between self and others that happens twice a year. When the Sun is in Libra (who wants to please and negotiate) and Moon in Aries who wants to honour its own path even if it means being alone and taking risks.

September 30th - Pluto Direct in Capricorn - Pluto turned retrograde April 22nd and put us through a deep introspection of our place in the world, our good standing with others and where we need to learn to do this better. Now it turns direct and we will have to take what we learned the past few months and apply it outwardly. Things will likely be busier !

Sun in Libra September 23rd

Sun in Libra!

September 23rd

September 18th - Mars in Aquarius square Uranus in Taurus - Two stubborn signs make a 90’ angle - a square- and tempers can flare. Uranus rules Aquarius and is more comfortable with eccentric, inventive or rebellious energy to move things forward, but when it is in Taurus is it very uncomfortable. We may want to shy away from conflicts today unless it’s truly important.

September 22nd - Mercury enters Libra - Communication planet now moves into the sign of the diplomat, artist and pleaser (or meddler) We can expect more talk or news of legal matters, justice and fairness as topics, and the arts or music. We want to be tactful and mediate any disagreements and avoid sitting on the fence of indecision.

September 23rd - Sun enters Libra - A social time of year where your relationships and interpersonal dynamics will play a large role in your life. It’s a good time to have meetings, gatherings, parties, jam sessions and brain-storming sessions.

September 23rd - Mercury in Libra square Saturn in Capricorn - This can feel like a deadlock mentally. Indecision and endless weighing of options mixes with restriction and responsibility or duty. A decision is needed now not in a month.


September 9th to October 31st - Venus in Scorpio

This is a time when our desires (Venus) are expressed through the energy of Scorpio. This means we will see more desire for depth in our relating to others, possibly more sexual dynamics at play - for the good side of passion and intensity, but also for the lusty or manipulative or possessive. This Venus placement wants to be in control and wants to dive deeply into intimacy and can be jealous or possessive about it.

September 10th to November 15th - Mars in Aquarius

Mars is our action side and the sign expresses how we go about getting what we want, and if it’s effective, healthy, too aggressive etc. Mars in Aquarius is stubborn and eccentric, inventive and very independent. You won’t be able to tame this energy of freedom or rebellion if need be. This Mars wants to be himself and doesn’t care if he looks different or rubs people the wrong way. Take me as I am Mars will go against the status quo i ways that bother us and in ways that push innovation and growth, and more personal freedom of expression.