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On Line Astrology courses!

Astrology has been around since we looked up at the stars and had curiosity. Centuries of painstaking observation and science went into the system we know today. When you study this language you have access to another paradigm for life and self understanding that aligns you with all the sages and astronomers, seers and scientists of humanity. Astrology is a very useful and insightful practice and tool to have in your belt. Once you begin you will open up your life to a richness of self awareness that is invaluable.


How does this course work ?

I want to teach you properly - which isn’t quick. in order to use any form of astrology you must have your basics - the 12 signs, the 10 planets, the 12 houses, and practice interpreting them well. The next step is understanding and integrating your own chart. This means you know your Sun, Moon, Ascendant, your personal planets and outer planets, and what they mean for your personality. The next step is to learn the planetary aspects and how to interpret them - in general and in your own chart - by sign, and house. It can sound straight forward and simple , but it isn’t. It is a gradual process of learning then reflecting on yourself. It will bring you a wealth of insight and relief to explain why you feel or act the ways you do, why certain patterns repeat themselves, what life lessons you have, your karma and past lives. This course of 5 semesters will take you through all of it!

You will get one video per week with the lecture/ lesson, and one email per week with reflection questions. Once a month there will be a group live video course for questions and answers. You will receive your personal chart at the beginning of the course so you can follow along in a more meaningful way. You can download the videos and keep them for future reference.

5 Semesters to Learn Astrology

You are welcome to take all 5 or just 1 or 2 of the semesters to suit your desire - however, to be able to fully interpret an astrology chart for yourself and others it will take the full 5 semesters. If you are looking for a good base knowledge of your signs and planets you may only need the first two semesters.

Courses run as University classes - meaning there is a lecture, follow up, and an academic tone to the course (including history, mythology, psychology and spirituality where it applies to the learning)

Semester 1 - 12 Signs - a thorough understanding of the traits, psychology, personality ticks, physical appearance, ruling planets and other classic associations with each sign. 12 weeks

Semester 2 - 10 Planets - a full understanding of each planet and interpretation of each planet in each sign. Extra emphasis will be put on the Moon signs. 12 weeks

Semester 3 - 12 Houses - Full exploration of each house, rulerships, the Ascendant or Rising Sign, and interpretation of planets and signs in the houses. 12 weeks

Semester 4 - Aspects and Transits. Learning all the traditional angles the planets make to each-other and ow to interpret them. This is the deep work of self analysis very often in our charts that leads to great insight. Using transits - the current planets - to predict events and trends in the chart. 12 weeks.

Semester 5 - Special Topics - Planetary Returns - Sun, Moon, Saturn, Uranus etc. Chiron - the wound in your chart. Nodal Astrology - your North and South Nodes of the Moon and what this means for your karma. Past lives in the chart. 12 weeks

We will begin officially January 14th, 2018 !

You can start any time! However if you want to be on track for the group video Q&A it’s good to start within a week or two of the starting date. Video courses will be given on Zoom and recorded for your access.

To register and inquire about course fees please email me at