Give the Gift of Clarity & Guidance

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It's not obvious to find meaningful gifts ...

The impact you can make on someone's life with a gift of a Clairvoyance session, a Mediumship session, a Past Life Regression, Reiki Session or Astrology Chart  will last a lifetime in your loved one's memory.

Help kick-start that special person for 2018 with the gift of guidance and healing. 

You can also gift someone by making them a part of a regular membership and all it has to offer - weekly newsletters, Tarot of the Week, Extended Tarot of the Week, meditations, discounts on sessions and courses and more ...

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Another great gift idea is to help someone start learning and relating to like minded souls with workshops and meditations!  You can offer them a one day workshop or a series for Tarot Training, or a session or season of meditation. Message me to arrange the best one for you !