Earth Mother

What is an Earth Mother?                                                                               Are you one?

Earth Mothers are anyone, no matter what age or gender, who carry the consciousness of Mother Earth's protection and preservation.  Earth Mothers are true nurturers and they know how to listen very well, emotionally support and hold space for others.  They bear witness to our lives in quiet and unassuming ways.  They are that person who is always told, "I've never told anyone this, but..."  They are those who stand up for the vulnerable, not in lip service but in action. 

Earth Mothers are REAL. They don't have fake friends or fake conversations. They will be alone or in silence before they let that happen.  They hold the Divine Feminine Consciousness that is aware of deep pain, shadow sides of the self that must be expressed to heal, honouring the roles and value of every living being on the planet. There is no suppression or oppression to get it's way with Earth Mothers. They prefer things to happen genuinely and slowly than use force.

Earth Mothers understand the landscape of intimacy and aren't shy of creating it and sustaining it with others.  They have the wisdom to know when to help and when to allow someone to learn by their own actions.  Earth Mothers are unacknowledged and many - everywhere.  Are you one ? 

We need you more than ever!


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