Open Your Intuitive Capacity

Stop Doubting and Striving

Increase Your Ability to Help Others

Feel more Joy and Trust in Life


People have no idea how much they use their intuition every day all day.  We just don't make it conscious. Once you do become conscious of what you sense without words, without proof, without others validation, you enter a new world. It is the world of the healer, the medium, the psychologist, shaman, or anyone who does not pretend to see human nature.

When you take it a step further you enter the realm of ability to predict - not like in the movies- but you are able to read people's true motivations, and hidden or unconscious drives enough to predict what they are likely to do. 


Then there are some of us who see.  We have visions, flash images, and dreams that show us the past, future or true nature of a person or situation. This is Clairvoyance 


There are those of us who hear. We are aware of words and thoughts that do not seem to come from us. "Take the other road " you hear, then find out there was an accident on your regular route. It doesn't have to be dramatic information to be true intuitive information. This is Clairaudience.


There are those of us who feel.  Your mother or best friend has a headache, and you feel the symptoms too, even at a distance. You get sudden strong emotions when around certain people or places, that disappear quickly after.  This is Clairsentience.


If any of these things happen to you, especially if it is increasing in frequency - you have the potential to become an Intuitive, Clairvoyant, Clairaudient, Clairsentient, or a Medium.

There are many wonderful rewards to this life. Life becomes very rich and meaningful. You are able to help others and sometimes avoid a lot of life's unpleasantness.  It also comes with many challenges that you will need support with. There are social stigmas, fears and projections to sort through, ethics to be understood ( if I see something, did I cause it ? am I obliged to share it ?) 

Let Catharine train you !


Intuitive Training

Intuitive Training is a process of teaching you how to access and open your intuition. It will explore all the ways your intuition can speak to you. We will support you as you ACT on your intuition and see how much your life can transform.  We will give you exercises and extensive feedback so you take a leap in self trust. The first part of the training is to open you up and support you acting on your own insights - your view of life will undergo a meaningful shift and you will need a grounded reflection ( coach) to make sure you are on track.


Psychic Intuitive Training

Psychic Intuitive training is a year long program for those with the gift of sensing things at a deeper level in detail that have come true. At this level of intuition you need even more support to talk to people who understand that you ARE NOT CRAZY, you are gifted. You will want to develop and hone your skills in detail and have mastery over some aspect of it. You will be guided through case studies, personal reflection work and transformation in your own life, training in ethics of readings, and training to become a professional intuitive.  Part of this training will help you set up your business!


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