January 2017 Energetic Forecast

Planetary Shifts This Month  

Venus enters Pisces - January 3rd  - This is a great sign for the year ahead. Venus in Pisces brings out higher levels of creativity and compassion to everyone. A desire to transcend conflicts and focus on what we have in common comes out as well :)

Mercury Direct ! - January 8th -  Mercury is back in commission and it's time to get things done that weren't over the past three weeks. Wrap up any loose ends and launch any new endeavours. 

Mercury in Capricorn - January 12th - This combination likes things to be practical, structured and compartmentalised or it gets overwhelmed and cranky.  They are long term thinkers, a bit sceptical and sometimes authoritative. They want to be sure what they say is taken seriously, and what they allow into their minds is 100% reliable. 

Mars in Aries - January 28th -  Mars is in its element here so it is stronger.  Mars in Aries people will take risks, show courage and boldness. They'll be emotional, reactive, blunt and fun-loving. 

Full Moon in Cancer January 12th

Major Aspects of this Full Moon

The Sun and Moon are always in opposition on a full moon so that's a given we feel the pull of these two light bodies and the inner and outer sides of ourselves. That's why we look to the other aspects it makes to see what quality it gives this time.  

This is a very intense full moon. If you look at the chart below you'll see the red lines - the difficult aspects.  There is a perfect square with a criss-cross inside it. This means that these planets are strongly opposing each-other.  We have been dealing with the Pluto/Uranus energy for the past 6 years now.  It isn't as bad as it was, but it gets activated when the Sun and planets nearby oppose it once again. So it means feeling heavy, sluggish, perhaps depressed. It signifies conflicts - inner and outer, that can play out between you and others, or within yourself. The Full Moon is opposing Pluto so this means intense emotions, reactions, anger, resentment, and power struggles are possible.  We may be triggered by this - and that can be hard to handle sometimes.

So instead we focus on the energies that ARE flowing well and in this chart that is Mars and Neptune in Pisces, trine the full moon in  Cancer.  All water signs - so do your best to go with the flow, whatever that may be.  Trust your dreams, emotional releases, intuitions, and use this time to reflect, self nurture or get creative.  We can always flow around the hardness of conflictual energies by being the water that flows around the rock. Be soft, flexible - pass by and keep on going.  The other energies flowing well here are Uranus in Aries trine Saturn/ Mercury in Sagittarius.  If you are better at the fiery side of life- action, passion, will, expression - you may find the self discipline to carry on regardless of the tensions surrounding this full moon.  

Full Moon Chart 

full moon in cancer 2017


This chart is drawn for Montreal so it applies specifically by degrees for this region, but the planets are the same anywhere. It is the rising sign that changes depending where on the planet you are. 

New Moon in Aquarius - January 27th 

New moons are always the time to plant a wish or idea or intention that can manifest by the full moon.  It's a dark moon, or black moon and sits in the same sign as the sun. A new moon in Aquarius can bring out our inner rebel or renegade. We feel a desire to break free and be independent, follow our own ideas or create something new vs resurrect the old. 

Major Aspects to this New Moon

The Sun and Moon are conjunct in Aquarius, Mercury is conjunct Pluto in Capricorn, Venus, Mars, Neptune and Chrion are in Pisces. We desire to go with our own flow and be free but there is an inner authority - or inner tyrant - telling us to get things done that mean something and be practical.   Even though Sagittarius is freedom -loving, it's Saturn representing it in this chart so it acts more like a Capricorn and also says, get things done - be serious. Saturn is in conflict with this lovely Mars/Neptune/Venus in Pisces who just wants to chill and it'll all work out somehow.  But Chiron there too can mean there's a wound associated with a lack of compassion for yourself, or a wound of escaping reality too often. The other planets then can be helpful to pull us back down to Earth and consider the long term consequences of our actions and decisions.  Jupiter is still in Libra, wanting to connect people, wanting to make peace and avoid conflict but usually it doesn't work that way.  Our best aspect is once again Saturn in Sagittarius trine Uranus in Aries - keep your will strong and plough through the projects through the  potentially spacey, dissociated energy to fulfil your goals. In other words, keep your own inner fires burining and stay your course.

New Moon in Aquarius Chart

New Moon in Aquarius