July 2016 Energetic Forecast

Planetary Shifts This Month 

Mars Stations Direct in Scorpio- shadow phase until August 22nd  

Last month we described the energy of Mars Retrograde in Scorpio as ...

"Mars in Scorpio knows that life isn't fair so they will use their considerable personal magnetism to sway things in their favour. They are very psychological and strategic in how they go about getting what they want in life. They don't wing it or just let things happen organically.  They love a challenge and will set tests and goals for themselves if only for the sake of seeing if they can do it, or master it. This Mars doesn't enjoy the shallow conversation at a business meeting or cocktail party. They would much rather talk about all things hidden and taboo, sexuality, death, the occult. They aren't afraid to probe the depths.  This can make them very provocative, have strong sexual stamina, potentially obsessive and possessive, and generally have the tenacity to see something through to it's end.  Sometimes this can be a self destructive placement if they become depressed or cynical about life. It will bring out subversive behaviour as well, and be quite manipulative and covert. "  

So what happens in the shadow phase  ?  

During the retrograde you likely had to confront things that weren't working well in your life and probably felt discouraged , frustrated or angry.  During the shadow ( post shadow actually) phase we're in now is more like applying the lessons you learned in the retrograde. So to re-cap, the retrograde was between April 17th and June 29th. What came up in your life? what do you want to change ? how can you implement new ways of dealing with these issues ? This is the phase to heal it, before it goes fully direct in Sagittarius August 22nd. 


Venus and Mercury will be entering Leo on the 12th and 13th of the month which always changes the flavour of communications. Our expression goes from subtle, emotional and private in Cancer the first half of the month, to enthusiastic, confident and perhaps over the top or loud.  You may want to burst out of that shell this month !

New Moon Chart 

Look at the cluster of planets in Cancer this New Moon!  It's called a stellium when a group of planets is side by side in the chart and it draws a strong emphasis on that sign. This stellium also opposes Pluto in Capricorn ( the red lines) and this is an intense energy we experience as family or power struggles, nurturing vs taking control. Feminine vs masculine approaches to life. Do we go easy and accept and listen to the problems of others ? do we pull back and go it alone? do we try to implement new boundaries or rules?  or do we love and allow things to play themselves out without intervention ? We also have these planets squaring Uranus in Aries - the hyper-independent rebellious side of us, however they also trine Neptune and sextile Jupiter, giving a lift to the feminine approach and a creative approach to anything that arises. With the other conflictual aspects we see in this chart - Saturn square Neptune and Jupiter - Uranus square Pluto etc - the way out or ideal energy to follow that IS flowing, is the Neptune trine Sun, Moon, Venus and Mercury in Cancer. That means your watery, emotional, sensitive, intuitive, creative and compassionate side. This is the best route to any problems or issues right now.



Full Moon Chart

We have Sun and Moon opposing as with every Full Moon so the energies are always more intense. With each set of signs the push and pull has a different feel and resides in a different area of your chart. The Sun is in Cancer and the Moon is in Capricorn, so the same tug of war of energies mentioned with the New Moon applies, and Uranus is still squaring and a factor.  Do you nurture? do you lay down the rules? or do you go off your own way regardless of anyone else ?  This time though, we have Saturn making a nice trine to Mercury and Venus, stabilising us but in a positive minded way.  You won't be impulsive here even if you wish to. Saturn will make us reflect on those desires and those words before they are uttered.  The Moon square Uranus can ALWAYS surprise us, but I think we will still consider things before jumping.  Mars will be still in Scorpio as well - which as we have said is a strategic action more than a jumping in come what may.  Pluto is at a wide orb to the Moon but because both planets are so powerful - one so sensitive and the other so strong, they may be felt as more of a conjunction this Full Moon.  This means intense emotions arise and well up. They have to come out. Pluto and the Moon are also making very good aspects to Jupiter and the North Node, so expressing these emotions or taking decisions around what they entail can actually bring you onto your path of destiny in this case. 

Overall the energy of the Full Moon I find far better than the New Moon. There is an opening and an opportunity to expand or break free. 

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