Return to Optimism -Jupiter in Sagittarius 
November 8th 2018  to December 3rd 2019

Since Jupiter stays in one sign for about a year it can tell us what's to come in the next 12 months or so.  What trends, overall attitudes, and what values we will expand upon this year? 

We are just coming out of sexy, secretive, Jupiter in Scorpio, which as a Cancer I have enjoyed because it accents my creativity and playful passion area of my chart. Scorpio Jupiter brought depth and passions, self discoveries, many projects and deeper collaborations than I've had in years. The sector of your chart it touched was what it expanded in our life last year.  In  general though, Scorpio brought us a chunk of truth to see. Maybe you faced your shadow or that of another close to you. Maybe we all can see what's going on in the world around us -the underbelly of true motives vs surface explanations.

Now we shift to Sagittarius - the candid, spit it out, up on my soapbox, witty story-teller who never stops learning, holding us accountable to walk our talk, and takes risks with enthusiasm.  

The mood of the next year will definitely be more uplifted and possibly even bold. However it does come with some other qualities you will want to be conscious of. We may have more restlessness this year because we want to feel more free, and move on from anything we feel limited by.  The desire to expand and break free can mean some upheaval for some or travel and adventure for others. 

My predictions for this transit
Sagittarius is also concerned with higher learning, publishing, foreign languages and cultures. We will likely see an even clearer world picture through the news this year. The trend of exile and nomadic moving from place to place will likely increase as well - and with it all the moral and ethical questions will increase.  Greater depth of discussion and solutions will be needed to integrate people who arrive in from new lands. The deeper questioning of our values and our TRUE nature of multi-culturalism will emerge as well. We may be happily surprised and at other times gross intolerance will arise stronger our t of fear - because we are moving more toward a global melting pot than everyone is comfortable with. For example - we will likely see a continued debate about religious iconography in our  secular services and government in general. We are likely to see changes to the immigration rules - but it's hard to say in which direction - because Jupiter in Sagittarius will urge more people to wander, move, leave, jump ship, demand access and freedom. Religious beliefs all come up to the fore even more as well. We will always see dogmatic trends under this influence but we should also see many more who want to be more inclusive and understand the underlying parallels between different systems of belief, and we may even see a wave of more people who see humanity as the tribe vs race and religion. these areas can grow, therefore we will see advances and resistance.

On a happier note we may see some breakthroughs in athletics, and sports, or any kind of physical achievement - like breaking world records in track and field, or advances in sports medicine. Any kind of 

It would be a great year to travel, to write a book or pursue publishing something, to study a new language, to do something more athletic than usual, to move city or country, to go see comedy shows, to go back to school, and to open your heart to greater awareness of the world and your place in it. 
Allow yourself to think bigger this year and take the risks to go after it.
Be bold and show confidence this year.