March 2016 Energy Forecast 

Planetary Shifts This Month

 Eclipse Special Focus : This month we have two eclipses.                                                                                                          The first is a Total Solar Eclipse at 18' Pisces on March 9th.                                                                                                    The second is a Prenumbral Lunar Eclipse at 3' Libra on March 23rd. 

What does an eclipse mean ? How does it affect us ?

Eclipses will bring a random event you do not expect, didn't know about,                                             and one that is completely outside your control, yet that event will bring vast                               changes to your doorstep 

Imagine you are sitting on the beach and the sun is shining around you. You're feeling wonderful. What could possibly happen ?  Then a storm cloud appears from nowhere. The skies go dark and you get an ominous feeling it means something, but aren't sure just what yet.  The feeling could be gloomy, confusing, or it could be mystical. During the storm cloud's passing you get sudden flash of insight. Then as soon as it came it is gone, like a dream you awakened from.  You look around searching for the meaning of it when suddenly the sunshine is back.  You're back on the beach as you were before - but internally something has changed.  This is an eclipse. 

Some eclipses will bring external events - a sudden letter or phone call, movement of people around you at work or at home ( someone quits, gets fired or hired, moves in , moves out, begins to renovate ) or we make and act on a decision - which is the best way for it to play out!  Other times eclipses play out very internally. You may have a monumental realisation. You may finally make a decision you've been torn about. You might have a dream or spiritual experience, from meditation or even from a new song, poem or film.  In the end, the eclipse does affect us in some part of our lives and if it is at a potent point of your birth chart it can swing doors wide open or shut them for good.  Eclipses are times of revelation and moving forward.

Eclipses are also a 6 month cycle. We will have two more in September 2016. What opens up or awakens in you now will live itself out until then, and get another event/ revelation at the next set.  We also look at other planets making aspects to it between now and then to see when these same issues get triggered again.  

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Total Solar Eclipse 18' Pisces - March 9th

The Sun and Moon will both be at 18 degrees Pisces as they eclipse each other.  Close by we have Chiron - the Wounded Healer- at 20 degrees Pisces, and the South node of the Moon at 21 degrees Pisces.  This means the effect is very strong on us. The information and self revelation that comes to us now is very potent and relates to past life karma.  Don't be surprised if a strong relationship enters or perhaps ends, for it could be based on an old karmic contract you have together and it will demand to be acknowledged and healed if possible.  All of these planets oppose the North Node of the Moon - Virgo 21 degrees- and Jupiter in Virgo at 18 degrees !  We will feel a huge pull between the side of us that wants to help others, serve others, SAVE others, and the part of ourselves that must preserve and save ourselves.  

Are you truly helping someone?  Are you enabling them ? Are you offering support because you also have something to gain by helping? ( your sense of feeling needed perhaps? )  Did someone ask you to help or are you swooping in there regardless of permission or what has been expressly asked ?  These are the tough questions that may come up in our lives around this heightened Pisces/Virgo energy.  We ALL know intellectually we cannot save anyone - this eclipse could push you to the test to see if you really know and will act on this knowledge with actions.  This is an eclipse of boundaries testing - Pisces usually doesn't like limits and boundaries - and Virgo can go too far with rules and how to's.  Striking this balance is an art for everyone.

To add to this... we have Saturn in Sagittarius 16 degrees...squaring everything ! Oh my goodness this is going to be a game changing month!  Even though all the planets mentioned are mutable, therefore adaptable and changeable, the clustering of so many oppositions and squares will give this a fixed feeling.  The one consolation is that Saturn makes a trine to Uranus, meaning that anything that gets burst open or set in motion has a lot of potential to get you unstuck.   So if arguments arise or tensions mount, do your best to ask yourself if this is an OLD pattern or problem and set yourself to confront it and get to he bottom of it now.

Prenumbral Lunar Eclipse 3' Libra - March 23rd

This eclipse is much better for us!  We have Sun and Moon opposing in Aries and Libra, but we have good aspects with Mars in Sagittarius and with Mercury in Aries. This will make the energy faster and more active.  We can expect to feel a push to DO or SAY something very strongly that changes your circumstances.  

When Aries and Libra are accented we are torn between putting ourselves first and putting others first. Telling it like it is, vs being diplomatic. Adventure vs sophistication. Raw energy vs presentation.  With Mars in Sagittarius the fire side of our nature is the stronger - so we can expect he Aries energy to be more dominant.  How can this play out ?  If you are up against a tough situation or conflict, you may tell it like it is, be truthful or more opinionated than usual. You may clear the air. You may have little patience for long dialogue and prefer to go off or solve things on your own. 

Depending on the events coming forth on the Solar Eclipse, your choices of action to get your life rolling will be more like a the Fire Signs response.  There will always be those who stay in the Jupiter in Virgo side, and go into hyper analysis and worry of every detail. There will always be those who deal with things in a Piscean way - escaping the realities with various things, or who are able to transcend the situation in a spiritual way.  But with all the fire planets supported, there will be many of you who are ready to spit it out, cut the cords and bust free of any cages you've been in. 


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