May 2016 Energetic Forecast

Planetary Shifts This Month 

Mercury in Taurus - Retrograde April 29th - May 23rd 

Mercury in Taurus is going to communicate in a very down to earth, charming, warm and practical way. This isn't the big intellectual or academic conversations placement. It's more the relaxed, friendly and day to day kind of talk. The mind can be given to a lot of worry in Taurus too, so we have to guard against becoming too absorbed in worst case scenario thinking OR being too obsessed with finances. By the end of the month we have Mercury Retrograde again - even though it has been feeling like one all the way through the eclipses! Communications will get perhaps criss-crossed, and delayed, or your computer, phone files etc can have malfunctions. We never know exactly how it plays out and to what degree, but it does affect us. 

5 Retrograde Planets this month !

This month we have five planets that are retrograde so it will be felt by us in some way depending on your own astrological chart.  Mercury, as mentioned above is the most obvious one we feel because our world is so based on communications and when that is out of step it is usually noticeable. Mars is also retrograde in Sagittarius thwarting our sense of spontaneous action. We may feel the need to tone things down, wait and plan it out more. We could feel extremely frustrated by how slow things are moving unless you have a patient personality .Sagittarius needs it's freedom to go big or go home, but retrograde it will be pushed inward and can come up as old anger, aches and pains - especially in the legs and hips. You may be challenged to stand up for yourself and there is fear coming up about doing that. It's a time to think before acting.  Jupiter is also retrograde in Virgo bringing our inner efficiency expert inwards.  We may be evaluating our lives methodically for flaws in ourselves and others. We may be in analysis paralysis or we could be painstakingly making sense of long overdue patterns in ourselves and those we love.  In a good sense it may be preparing us to receive the abundance we seek, be it financial , friendships or love, career progress. In the negative sense our greed may have gotten out of control and will need adjustment, as will our egos. Thankfully it will be going direct May 9th and start to lighten this up again. Saturn is also retrograde in Sagittarius  testing our sense of personal freedom - of movement, expression of our truth, our true level of open-mindedness, and questioning our sense of belonging vs individuality.  You may feel tested or restricted somehow, and are being prepared to take on more responsibility. Pluto is also retrograde in Capricorn which is in part why we are seeing the challenges to our sense of personal power in every sense. Who is restricting it? are you taking too much place? how much authority and control do you need? who seems to need to have it over you ?  This is a major restructuring of our lives and it's our outermost planet so it is a long cycle and affects our decade, our generation since it lasts in Capricorn for 16 years. This retrograde is a good time to take stock of any power imbalances and gently correct them.

New Moon Chart 

Look at the lovely blue lines in the chart above - these are trines and sextiles. They are good aspects where energy flows and compliments. This New moon looks lovely!  A Grand trine of Earth energy can bring us stability, loyalty, financial gain and solid steps forward in our lives.  The red lines are difficult aspects like squares and oppositions. These are areas of conflict or internal tug of wars, trials and tests.  The main aspects of this New Moon are Saturn and Mars almost conjunct - so adding more punch to that sense of feeling pent up and restricted - making a square to Neptune and to Jupiter.  This means that we could have a side of us that will sabotage our own progress, or undermine ourselves if we aren't careful. It doesn't have to happen if you focus on the other parts of what's going on with the solid earth energy.  Earth likes firm boundaries so this is one way to protect yourself from the self destructive side of the other aspects. Keep to your own values, your own inner compass, and let go if people aren't sensitive to or respecting this.  Overall I feel a very comfortable flowing and loving energy. Allow yourself to receive it :)

Full Moon Chart

We still have that nice blue triangle you see in the chart - our Grand Earth trine, but notice how it seems weaker than at the New Moon ? The oppositions are now stronger than the flow. We have the Sun and Mercury conjunct opposing the Moon and Mars - very difficult. If this were the chart of someone born today we would expect difficulties with anger, possible separation of the parents, or a lot of conflict within the home,  and because of the signs they fall in we would expect a very strong willed and stubborn or formidable character to deal with. We also have Jupiter opposing Neptune, with hard aspects to both - so this emphasizes our ability to discern. Neptune and Jupiter want everything to be great and fine, wonderful , all better, perfectly blissful at times. Difficulty from Saturn and Mars/Moon will shake us out of any illusions we may stil be holding. IT's not a time to be too swept away in idealism or romance. Always keep your head on straight and align with those wonderful Earth trine energies to build something solid - which doesn't' have unicorn wings and come to rescue you in one fowl swoop.  Be sane about it, and you may well see some magic. But get carried away and you might pay for it later.  On another note - and it doesn't mean it will apply to all of us - but when I see Moon conjunct Mars, opposing Sun Venus, Square Jupiter and Saturn... I'm going to lay low and not do anything risky or possibly stay home from crowds - because the potential for emotional or aggressive energy is in the air for conflicts or accidents. This isn't to say we have to fear everything in life and stay under the blankets, just be aware of this energy and decide that day what works for your comfort zone.  Full moons can always stir the pot and what it shows us can be very helpful for our growth.