A Medium is one who can speak with the spirit world.  People come to me when they have lost a loved one and need closure or clarity surrounding the person's passing or their sense of peace. I am able to relay messages and let you know how they are doing. 

Sometimes a Medium is needed to help connect you to your spirit guides as well.  Other times we sense there is something around us in our lives or homes and it needs to be crossed over or cut.  I can help you cleanse your home, and identify the nature of the spirit activity around you. 

I love doing this work, but it is very sacred and sensitive to contact this realm. I am careful of using utmost protection and privacy to lead you through this experience and support you.

How does a Mediumship Reading work ?

How does a Mediumship Reading work ?

I had the great fortune to meet and speak with John Holland Psychic Medium at a Hayhouse Conference in Toronto in 2018. He was engaging and light-hearted while giving evidential mediumship readings to the crowd. If you want to see more of his work I think you will really benefit from him.

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