Since 1993, I have been giving intuitive spiritual guidance to my clients to help them heal and transform their lives.    I have re-invented my own life many times - risking it, trusting the Universe, diving into the emotions around it,         and knowing how to hold that space for true change to happen...and I can help you do it too.                                       When you know how change happens, how to trust yourself, the world is yours to discover !


Our Vision of Change

In 2004 River-Rain was born out of a vision of how change happens.  The River represents the flow of life. We jump into the current, float on top, swim under water or are dragged along with the current.  This flow is change itself. Nature is always in flux and will continue to change with or without us.  Our most powerful way to affect change and enjoy life is to go with it. This doesn't mean never paddling -  it's steering and going with the speed or calm of the river as it presents itself. Each of us is a drop in this river. Each drop makes that ring and creates other rings, joins other rings and merges to form larger rings.  The Rain is therefore all of humanity. Your contribution, emotion, thought pattern, vibration - ALL affects the water whether we are conscious of it or not.  Together we create the River we are all part of - let's make it kind, adaptable and compassionate. Let's awaken to the reality we are all one and all affected by one another on every level.  River Rain means we understand our part in the one-ness with Nature and do our best to heal it for the good of all.



Hello Catharine
I just wanted to send you a quick note thanking you for the reading you gave me yesterday. I was blown away by how accurate it was and how quickly you were able to zero in on the exact concerns I”ve been having. I’m very appreciative of the advice you gave me and your suggestions on how to move things forward. You are obviously good at what you do and it was a real treat to sit with you yesterday, so thank you very much :)
Best Regards
— Laura B.

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