River Rain Center Memberships

There are many benefits of becoming a member of our center - whether you come  in person or want to participate on line.  As we build there will be more events, courses, meditations, an options to grow, learn, and be supported on your spiritual journey. Your membership also benefits others by keeping the good energy flowing so we can create the kind of  spiritual community  we all need

Welcome !


Quartz Membership

Looking for clarity, relief from stress and  getting to know yourself better ?

This membership gives you:              Newsletter once a month              Tarot of the Week - Every Monday  Free Community Meditation Classes Access to Talks at the center and online talks

$11 a month  

11 is a Master Number where you are awakening to your intuitive abilities and are aware of the spirit world


Amethyst Membership

Ready to commit to self improvement and developing your spiritual gifts?

This membership gives you:          All Quartz Benefits plus +  Extended Tarot of the Week        15% off All Workshops

$22 a month

22 is also a master Number meaning the Dreamer/Realizer You vibrate at a higher level and can bring big plans into manifestation with the patience to build it. 


Jade membership

Aware that building your good karma includes self development and service to others you are seeking to grow in a spiritual community.

This membership gives you:            All benefits of the Quartz and Amethyst plus +                                    Three card personal reading beginning of every month                15% off One Hour Reiki or Spiritual Coaching 

$33 a month

33 is the Christ number - a master Number of high vibration of love and service

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