Sound Healing

We are all responsive to music and sound. It can change our moods and inform us of the emotional context in a film.  We are also made of water and the sound waves affect us profoundly. 

I use my chimes and Tibetan bowls around you and directly on you to activate your sensations, emotions, to sooth, to alleviate pain, to move energy through your body so you can heal. 

The Science of Sound Healing

Sound can increase immunity and treat insomnia, according to Jamie Bechtold, a Los Angeles-based sound healer. “Most people come to me for stress and anxiety,” she says. For woes like pulled muscles, colds, and headaches, Bechtold uses tuning forks on acupuncture points. “I’ve seen back muscles that are spasming completely relax using this vibration.” Bechtold also combines gong performances with yoga classes. “Recorded music is fine, but with live music you can feel it. The floor is vibrating. The sound waves are bouncing all over the place.”
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Sound Healing is often combined with Reiki

to completely cleanse and relax you

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