New Moon Sound Healing Circle

Saturday, December 12, 2015
7:00pm 9:00pm

On this special day, the New Moon in Sagittarius along side the Sun and Saturn in Sagittarius our emphasis on our truths and freedom is emphasized. We want to be bold and expressive - be joyful!

In this special guided meditation and sound healing come join other like minded friends and feel the energy together.

New Moons are significant times in our lives for setting intentions and planting new seeds.  Each one is unique because the planets are never aligned the same way twice!  This New Moon and Sun  are in Sagittarius. When Sun and Moon come together in the same sign it doubles he power of that sign.  This means expressing our fire and joy - a party! It means being active physically. It means speaking your truth and wisdom with confidence. What seeds can you plant this month to carry you through the month ? It will be a great time to share our intentions for the New Year 2016 as well. In fact, we may have more clarity to decide our goals now than we will at the end of December.  Come out and enjoy the Tibetan bowls and chimes while sharing affirmations and goals together. 

The Science of Sound Healing

Sound can increase immunity and treat insomnia, according to Jamie Bechtold, a Los Angeles-based sound healer. “Most people come to me for stress and anxiety,” she says. For woes like pulled muscles, colds, and headaches, Bechtold uses tuning forks on acupuncture points. “I’ve seen back muscles that are spasming completely relax using this vibration.” Bechtold also combines gong performances with yoga classes. “Recorded music is fine, but with live music you can feel it. The floor is vibrating. The sound waves are bouncing all over the place.”