October 2016 Energetic Forecast

Planetary Shifts This Month 

Venus has moved into Scorpio, Mars has moved into Capricorn, Jupiter moves into Libra for one year, and Pluto has gone direct vs retrograde. So what does this mean for us this month ? 

Venus in Scorpio -  This is a positive shift for the US elections in my opinion because it will make people talk about and deal with the deeper issues, taboo subjects, secrets and shadows of the candidates. We may see more getting to the bottom of things, and more things exposed for view. It also could help the Clinton campaign since she is a Scorpio herself and Venus in our own sign gives us a temporary glamour of more like-ablity - her main issue.  Venus will stay there until October 18th only, but it may be enough to help her out.   

For us it means the same thing. We want more depth, truth and can handle it.  We may have a probing psychological bent and try to get to the bottom of something, or we may use this to express or enhance our sensual life. 

Mars in Capricorn - This is said to be the best position for Mars because the firey , ill tempered or destructive side of Mars is now buried in a strong Earth sign, giving it more focus and more self control.  The influence of this placement can be seen as people wanting to be more serious and productive again, vs the adventurous and playful Sagittarius/  The only tough days with this will be when it conjuncts Pluto in Capricorn, which falls on the 19th of October.  Mars and Pluto can bring dramatic emotions and events at times.  You'll want to lay low from anything you don't truly need to confront. Picking your battles as they say. 

Jupiter in Libra - We have just emerged from one year of Jupiter in Virgo which emphasizes service, health, organisation, labelling and naming things in their proper place, a lot of analysis and perhaps withdrawing from social life to do so. Now it moves into social and artistic Libra.  We will be called on to get out the door and meet people again.  We will need to be more diplomatic and pleasant to blend into groups of our choice as well. Libra likes to keep it lighter and non-conflictual, not rocking the boat - and they do it with grace.  however it can backfire if there are too many parties ( people) or sides to be on, please, understand etc, and then they can become embroiled in the very conflicts and sides they wanted to avoid in the first place.  We have to learn how to find our boundaries of pleasing others and pleasing ourselves, individuality vs the group or partner.  The other thing Jupiter in Libra might bring is more emphasis on relationships and love, dating, friendships. Libras love to talk about people and understand why things are happening. It will be a year full of chances to meet and get to know people - at what level is another thing - but there will be people wanting to connect more. 

Jupiter also rules Justice and so does Lady Liberty - the scales of justice.  We can see more action on this front during the next ear as well. But overall this placement likes popularity, beauty and pleasure.  We can see more pop stars appear and more celebrity gossip about marriages and break ups ( already seeing that with Brangelina ). Hopefully we will see the best side of this placement which is a more transcendent quality of justice for humanity at large not just for some emerge more. 

Pluto Direct in Capricorn -  Pluto also retrogrades as do all planets, so it gives this immensely powerful planet a deep inward turn in our lives for several months when it happens. April 18th 2016 marked the retrograde and September 26th, 2016 marked it's direct motion. What has happened in your life during these months ?  Is there something you have been churning tossing and turning about since mid April ? The direct motion can mean it's time to put those plans or words in motion now.  It has put us through some sort of death and rebirth cycle.  We still have about 8 more years of Pluto in Capricorn to challenge us on issues of patriarchy, government structure, authority in general ( police, doctors etc) 

New Moon in Libra

New moons are always the time to plant a wish or idea or intention that can manifest by the full moon.  It's a dark moon, or black moon and sits in the same sign as the sun. A new moon in Libra can herald relationship issues, legal issues, diplomacy and communication issues.  It can also be a time of artistic and academic pursuits.  Networking is great under this influence as well since Libra knows how to charm almost anyone.  You may feel inspired to get out the door to movies, art performances, lectures, BNI meetings, or simply want to beautify your life in some way - your physical body or your environment. 

Major Aspects of this New Moon

The main aspect that feels important from this chart is Sun, Moon, Jupiter in Libra square Mars in Capricorn - Both are very powerful energies in their own right , but which will win out ? Three planets in one sign is strong, but when in Libra who will be inclined to please,  Mars in Capricorn may win out. So we have pleasing and pleasure vs long term thinking individually and being serious about getting there.  Does this ring true in your life right now ?  

New Moon Chart 

This chart is drawn for Montreal so it applies specifically by degrees for this region, but the planets are the same anywhere. It is the rising sign that changes depending where on the planet you are. 


Full Moon in Aries 

This full moon promises to be racey!  The Full moon in Aries is conjunct Uranus - aka a lightening bolt - and it opposes the Sun, Mercury and Jupiter.  Whenever you have Aries opposing Libra it is the proverbial battle of self vs others, Me vs the social group, pioneering your own bold course vs blending in gracefully and mediating people's needs.  With these planets I fully expect we will come up against a big moment of putting ourselves first, or towing the party or family line. 

This full moon also is very close that Pluto conjunct Mars  AND it squares all the planets we mentioned above.  What does it mean ? It usually means conflict - sorry. If that conflict is external you could be embroiled between people with opposing values, otherwise the conflict can be within. If that's the case then it is equally powerful and could lead to a breakthrough if you work through your emotions and opposing feelings.

Full Moon in Aries Chart