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Thank you for choosing a gift bundle !  All the products will be shipped to you and the readings can be done in person or with Skype or phone.

*For the 15 minute readings it is Skype or phone only*

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Healing Gift Bundles

Holiday Gift Bundles - Readings and Spiritual Gifts

California White Sage

California White Sage

River-Rain Bath Salts

Each bath salt is made by hand with your personal needs in mind.  The essential oils chosen and the Bach remedies chosen will be tailored for what you want it to do for you

River-Rain Bath salts

Gemstone Amulets

An amulet is a talisman or a charm of some sort that you carry on you to help you energetically and spiritually protect or align yourself with what you want to achieve.  Each amulet is different - because it is designed and made by hand specifically for you.  Each amulet has one or several gemstones, symbols or charms, insignias, and has a clasp like a necklace so you can attach it to a necklace, rear view mirror or purse 

River-Rain Gemstone Amulets

River-Rain Remedies

River-Rain Remedies are custom made to fit your spiritual needs. The Aromatherapy Room Sprays have essential oils and Bach Flower Remedies of your choice. The Tinctures are Bach Remedy mixes made just for you and are taken orally - they are very powerful in our healing process, and they can also help pets.  Liquid Sage Smudge is made with the same California White Sage but is brewed into a tea and has Bach Remedies to aid in energetically cleansing and protecting your space.

River-Rain Remedies