Private Tarot Sessions

Learning at your own pace

Learning privately allows you to go at your own pace and depth.  You are taught the core meanings of the tarot based on your deck, The Classic Ryder Waite deck and the Thoth Deck.  When learning comparatively you can get to the roots of what each card means and then choose which deck fits your values and philosophy.

You will be shown how to learn and interpret each of the 78 cards in a very real way - with lots of practice reading and confirmation of your interpretations in real life examples. It is a mix of academic style class AND guiding you to read INTUITIVELY as well.  By the end of the training you will be able to give a great reading.

We also cover how to spread the cards, interpret the cards in conjunction with each other in combination, and you will also be given guidance on how to handle the coaching and counselling aspect of reading tarot for others. 

The private sessions can be faster or slower as you need, but usually this process of learning the entire deck and how to coach and read well takes the equivalent of three school semesters - about 36 classes of 2 hours each.

The private sessions are $40 per hour