Is your life at a crossroads ?

              Would you benefit from Spiritual Guidance and affirmation of your own instincts ?

Are you missing or wishing to communicate with a loved one who is on the other side ?

Are you having paranormal experiences - flashes, visions, predictive dreams, spirit visitations?

Need help making important life decisions?

Need help making important life decisions?


SPIRITUAL GUIDANCE -                                       READINGS & COACHING

Using a combination of Channelling, Clairvoyance, Tarot and Mediumship we look at what messages are there for you at this time and allow you to ask questions as well.  If you are at a crossroads now, this is the best reading for you.

Listening to your goals and current life experiences we work together with my intuition and yours to clear out old energies and doubts.  We  set new goals, and use coaching exercises and techniques to get you there faster than other forms of help. We intuit what is holding you back in a holistic way - it could be practical, emotional, energetic or spiritual. 

You come to intuitive coaching when ready to take action on whatever needs to happen for your life to be back in flow.  I will help paddle your canoe :)





Arch Angel Michael

Arch Angel Michael

Spirit Guides

Spirit Guides

A Medium is one who can communicate with spirits of ancestors, angels and other dimensional beings

Loved Ones

In a Mediumship session you will be guided through a meditation to bring us into communication with your loved one.

  • Pictures or objects of the person can really help this process
  • There is no guarantee you will hear from them what you want to hear, but I can access how their spirit is doing and 90% of the time messages come though clearly.
  • Please allow at least 3 months after someone's passing before  coming.





Angels and Other Dimensional Beings

There are many indications that a spirit guide or entity is present and affecting your life for good, and for worse

  • Your pets or children sense or see someone or something
  • You feel that you are not alone - in a warm reassuring way, or in a being touched or bothered kind of way
  • There are inexplicable light orbs in photos of you or your home
  • You have dreams that show you signs of guidance that are true
  • You feel coldness, clutter, or even fear in certain areas of your home






Spirit Guide Readings, Home Blessings and Home Cleansing

We work together through a combination of readings and energy work to communicate with the entity you are experiencing and hear what more it wants to say ONLY if it is positive. If something needs to be removed we go to your home and remove it.


Paranormal Experiences

Is Your Intuition or Psychic Ability Awakening ?

  • Flash visions you are not sure of what they mean ?
  • Flash visions that come true ?
  • Thinking of someone and then they call?
  • Knowing what people will say before they say it ?
  • More dreams, and complex dreams ?
  • Dreams that happen?
  • Feeling spirits around you? A presence or voices
  • Very strong emotional and physical reactions to people and environments ?
  • Seeing repeated numbers and sequences?


Your intuition is speaking to you VERY LOUDLY when these things increase... You would benefit from  Intuitive Coaching, or Intuitive Training.  We have programs to help you open, increase and make sense of your higher self .