Reiki is a system of healing through sacred symbols given to the Buddhist Master Mikao Usui in Japan in  1922.  The symbols are a conduit of great healing energy and can rebalance the system in subtle but powerful ways.  During a reiki session I also receive more messages as we open the healing channel, and many things become clearer in a fast and strong way.  I have been truly amazed at what reiki can do. 

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Shamanic Reiki

Once I open up the reiki symbols it allows me to channel very deeply and I can see energies in on and around you. I will then guide you to visualise and clear these energies, or do it myself for you. In this state we can cut energetic cords and see what’s going on in on and around your body. Sometimes spirits will appear during this session. You always have full control if you want this level of session or not. Reiki is very healing whether done in silence, or with shamanic clearing added. It’s totally up to you.