Trust and Intuition - Hand in Hand

Trust and Intuition 

Hand in Hand.

Even experts can't be 100% sure if someone is lying or not. 

We are all subtle creatures when it comes to masking our true thoughts and feelings from one another and even from ourselves.  The journey to trusting again after you have been around the block in life and have been back stabbed or mislead can be very tough for most of us. 

I believe there are a few ways to look at it and choices to be made about how you personally want to live.  One way is of course being skeptical and suspicious of everyone, getting them to prove to you to your satisfaction that they are trust worthy. Taken to an extreme this is not a pretty become paranoid and miserable.  The other is to have a 


 view of the world that people are good until proven otherwise, and walk through life trusting blindly.  This is also not great, because you can easily be taken advantage of.   The answer is in the middle. Instead of getting lost in theories and strategies of who to trust, try trusting yourself!  When we are betrayed, we feel hurt not so much because of the other person.  The main source of suffering is self reproach that we didn't see it coming, or ignored what our intuition was trying to tell us.

Developing your own sense of a person or situation is vital.  Throw out the shoulds, assumptions, and political correctness.  Sometimes your bad gut feeling has nothing to do with being judgmental or racist etc.  If something feels off to you, then it is you.  It's your personal message that this situation or person is not right for you.  You are not 


 another person if you own your own feeling. Many people get stuck here.  If you just don't want to sit next to someone on the bus, it doesn't mean you are saying he or she is a bad person...just that you are not comfortable sharing space right now, or not with them.  There are so many subtle and complex sensations we receive all the time that we cannot process it all and deduce...we have to get an overall feeling and act.

The more I have trusted my own intuition the more detailed and subtle it has become, and by deciding to trust for a moment that I'm right I have turned my attention away from the " maybe it's because of the weather or something i had for lunch, or because they look like my ex . ...type of thinking, and into the deeper layers of what I am sensing.  I decided to trust myself and tested out what senses turned out to be accurate and which were my own fears and projections.  You can too.

Here's you homework!

Next time you get a gut feeling and start wondering why or feeling guilty for having it etc.  Decide that moment for this instance...I am right.  Then ask yourself for more information about your sense.  If you get a creepy feeling on the bus, ask yourself where you feel it ( your head aches? you are tense? your heart rate just shot up?)  ask yourself what other things you can sense about this person, not to judge but to acknowledge your senses.  Sometimes you will be able to verify them and when you turn out to be right your paradigm of life can change in a very good way.

You can also come to a workshop to test your skills

 and meet others on the same journey!