Venus Conjuncts Jupiter in Leo

June 30th and July 1st are the best days to see Venus and Jupiter come together in the night skies.  Both are usually bright and can be seen on a clear night, but when they conjunct  - seeming to join - their luminescence will be gorgeous!  Venus in Leo is a mix that loves to express itself and can have a regal or dramatic appearance - think glamour.  They love themselves and they adorn themselves with beautiful clothing, jewellery and surroundings.  They can be demanding of their spotlight and will hold that space to entertain or lead others - if they want to of course. Jupiter in Leo will act even more magnanimously.  Jupiter expands anything it touches, so in Leo this exaggerates the traits we all know as Leo - funny, witty, centre of attention, performer, actor, courageous and bold, risk taker to a degree, confident, brassy, here I am world!  When these two come together you have a very high vibration of optimism and nobility possible. We may see a double life of the party energy, a sense we can do something above and beyond our usual capacity,  an expansive feeling that can promote bold actions and generosity.  At any rate it is a lovely aspect and I wish everyone  a positive manifestation this week.