Full Moon Sagittarius


The Full Moon is in Sagittarius this June 2nd at  12:19 EDT.  The full moon is always opposite the Sun, so while the Moon is full and accentuating the emotional realm, it also opposes the masculine side and pushes and pulls us around.  Sagittarius is the sign of the philosopher and world traveller, savvy in worldly affairs and has an opinion on almost everything, and they will often be right. They have risen from the depths of self examination and solitude to see a piece of the truth , and they are more than ready to tell you what they see and think. They are optimistic and expansive and need their freedom.  When the moon is full here, these qualities are intensified.  Gemini is the sign of curiosity, duality and adaptability. They can shape sift to suit any person or situation if need be. They usually have a distinct inner and outer personality and world. They will often be a social butterfly only to crash and need utter solitude to re-balance themselves.  They can be black and white thinkers despite this insatiable curiosity because they need to see the world through a "rational" lens. emotions are too uncomfortable and messy.  Sagittarius isn't afraid of emotion, but they don't dwell there. They like action and passion. Gemini is multiple, Sagittarius is singular. Yet both are mutable =changeable signs.  This makes this full moon a bit easier to manage since these sign s can both change and adapt if needed. 

The main message I am hearing about this full moon is to stop faking it in your life. Check to see where you wear a mask, even if the mask is being sure of yourself ;) Check to see where you are nodding in agreement when in fact you don't. Look at where you are spending time with things or groups that don't really fit your deeper values,even if they are interesting. At some point we must pick something - including our ideas, opinions, and philosophies - and stick to it.