Saturn Direct - Coming Up For Air

Saturn turned retrograde March 15th while in Sagittarius and travelled back into the sign of Scorpio for the last time in 29 years.  This gave us one more chance to sweep the interior closet of old patterns and emotional or psychological debris. Did you use it productively? If you experienced awakenings - painful or liberating - and acted on them it will do you very well as we enter Saturn in Sagittarius.   You can experience the optimism and confidence that comes from diving to the bottom, then coming up for air.  Like the turtle above, we will be emerging from the depths and underwater quiet to see the vision of the shoreline, clear and ready to begin the journey on land again.

Saturn in Scorpio traits :  

Impatient ,  hard on themselves and others, wilful and intense, secretive, subtle and calculating

Their greatest fear is rejection and being inadequate

Saturn in Sagittarius

After you go so deeply into a situation or our own being, you will eventually settle on what is true for you.  It will be your personal truth based on your lived experience. You may feel compelled to tell it on the mountain tops, book or video.  You may want to help people see the light you have now found and will at times be highly persuasive.  You may also run the risk of becoming dogmatic or blinded to your own personal truth and forget there are many that can co exist. This is the learning of Saturn in Sagittarius.   

Cares about principles, hard work that brings achievement, reputation and education are very important,  if they let fear rule they become cynical, they love adventure, need their freedom, and need to learn to trust.  

The next two years we delve into these themes and areas in our lives.  Examining what you deeply believe, have faith in and would stand up for is a positive way to use this time.