Victim and Saviour - Full Moon in Pisces

August 29th is the full moon in Pisces is opposing the Sun, Mercury and Jupiter in Virgo. Every opposing sign combination has it's own punch, and this one is the victim and saviour dynamic. One person will present themselves as the vulnerable one, who needs saving, and the other person will be very sympathetic to their plight - even taking on responsibility for this person's issues, and proceed to "save" them.  We romanticise this all the time - thanks to Mr Walt Disney and Cinderella stories. We are taught to believe we are powerless and need an outside source to rescue us or protect us.  We wait for someone to notice us, give us permission to leave, or that we are ok as we are - we wait for the prince to come get us and bring happiness, or for our princess to alleviate our pain. 

The Victim Archetype
Blames others and circumstances for her physical conditions. Even though she knows that dairy products often lead to sinus infections, she blames atmospheric conditions instead of the half-pound of cheese she ate at a party.

The Rescuer Archetype is a champion. This person will dive right in and save a person from drowning in his/her own mire. There are two sides to being a rescuer, the ying-yang of it is that while being a champion of underdogs and souls in need, the rescuer may also risk self injury.  If you have this as an archetype, you recognize what that means; it means trying to save someone who doesn't necessarily want to be saved and/or it means being entangled in problems and issues that have nothing to do with you, and being dragged down in the process. Another aspect of acting out the role of rescuer is that often the one rescuing does want to be thanked and congratulated for being a champ, and then will unconsciously seek weak people to save, keeping them weak in order to play the role of champion over and over. The key in having the rescuer archetype is becoming conscious of it. We all have our symbols and the good side of being a rescuer is that it signals strength, courage and a caring nature. We all need rescuers sometimes (think of fire fighters and EMTs), but being a rescuer in relationships is worth looking at in a conscious way.

We will all meet someone along the path of life's learning that we want to help or save. There is great learning in attempting it as well. If it becomes your pattern that's when you need to ask yourself who really wants to be saved ? and if you typically are in a victim role - sometimes we genuinely ARE - but if there is a pattern, you must ask yourself where you gave away your power ? and how you can reclaim it. 

These dynamics last a lifetime in some people, and can be SO toxic if left unchecked. To be free, mutual and loving we need to shift our mindset to support vs rescuing, assistance and guidance vs saving, and acceptance vs trying to change someone to meet our expectations. 

This full moon is especially strong on this theme since there are three planets in Virgo opposing it.  It can be a lovely and magical time if these themes are made conscious !