Spiritual Events and Workshops  

Healing and awakening the soul

3rd Eye Open

May 3rd
7 -10pm

Is your 3rd Eye Open ? 
Are you getting more visions, intuitions, flashes of insight? 
Do you have more sensitivity to light ?
Is there a sense of gradual improvement of life?
A growing connection to spirit
Changes is thought patterns and sleep

You will be gently guided through meditation to open your Third Eye then we will explore what this Chakra means, what symptoms you have, and practice our intuitive or psychic abilities together

Gemini New Moon Sister Circle

Gemini New Moon Sister Circle

May 28th  
1 - 4pm
                                                             A women's gathering each New Moon to ring in the energies of that month together with food, art, movement, meditation and sharing. Gemini is time to talk, socialise, be up to speed with your community and reinvent yourself !


Meditation Series

I hold multiple classes and series in guided meditation, visualization, mindfulness and sound healing.         To see the current class schedule


Intuition Circles

May 6th & 27th                                                             7:00-9:30pm   $30                                  

Do you trust your gut ? Do you often go against your gut feelings ? Come practice your intuitive skills amongst other like minded people - if you are highly sensitive, empathic, get strong gut feelings - this is the place to meet safely and tune in together and strengthen your gifts.
We gather in a sacred circle and smudge. You are guided in a meditation for relaxation and spiritual protection. We all share questions in our lives with the group and we take turns sharing what we sense for each-other. In this way we become each other's spiritual council. You are taught little tools and tricks to help you tune in deeper and trust it more.                                                                                 


Boundaries for Empaths & Intuitives

May 17th, 24th and 31st

Different levels of boundaries are explored - assertiveness, thoughts and their impact on boundaries, and energetic protection and boundaries. Exploring the layers and ways sensitive people can set limits without feeling guilty.



Living With Your Psychic Gifts

May  10th                        
7- 9:30pm

Your intuition, clairvoyance or mediumship is good and getting stronger but you're not sure where to take things next and how to develop it more. A workshop to help you discover your highest calling with your abilities and practice with like minded friends.