Spiritual Events and Workshops  

Healing and awakening the soul

Living With Your Psychic Gifts

June  22nd - West Island Montreal7- 9:30pm
                                                  Your intuition, clairvoyance or mediumship is good and getting stronger but you're not sure where to take things next and how to develop it more. A workshop to help you discover your highest calling with your abilities and practice with like minded friends.


Meditation Series

I will be adding Meditation classes to the summer schedule soon 

West Island of Montreal and Downtown


Intuition Circles

June 15th - West Island Montreal                              June 16th - Downtown Montreal                      7:00-9:30pm   $30                                  

Do you trust your gut ? Do you often go against your gut feelings ? Come practice your intuitive skills amongst other like minded people - if you are highly sensitive, empathic, get strong gut feelings - this is the place to meet safely and tune in together and strengthen your gifts.
We gather in a sacred circle and smudge. You are guided in a meditation for relaxation and spiritual protection. We all share questions in our lives with the group and we take turns sharing what we sense for each-other. In this way we become each other's spiritual council. You are taught little tools and tricks to help you tune in deeper and trust it more.                                                                                 


Boundaries for Empaths & Intuitives

June 7th, 14th and 21st

Different levels of boundaries are explored - assertiveness, thoughts and their impact on boundaries, and energetic protection and boundaries. Exploring the layers and ways sensitive people can set limits without feeling guilty.