Year of the Earth Pig


This year should be a nice energy for us!  The pig enjoys things when everyone wants to be more pleasant and get along together. This can be a welcome change after the picky Monkey 2016, the dramatic, truth telling Rooster 2017, and the anxious Dog 2018. The Pig will want some kindness and peace. This will suit certain Chinese signs better than others. The Pig is very compatible for the Goat, Rabbit and Tiger. It's not so great for the Snake and Monkey.
We will take a look at my predictions for each animal sign this year !

It's also important to see how this year will go for  you by its' element.  When the element is sporting you even if the animal sign doesn't match as well, you can have a good year. If the element isn't so great for your year, we need to be more careful of our energy level, health, and spending.

Years ending in 8 or 9 are Earth
Earth supports earth and Metal
Years ending in 0 or 1 are Metal
Metal supports metal and Water
Years ending in 2 and 3 are Water
Water supports Water and Wood
Years ending in 4 or 5 are Wood
Wood supports Wood and Fire
Years ending in 6 or 7 are Fire
Fire Supports Fire and Earth


Earth Pig Traits

Good-tempered, kind-hearted, positive, loyal

"People born in the Year of the Pig are honest and frank in personality, with chivalrous and gallant manners. They have a calm appearance and a strong heart. They do whatever they want with strength. They are tolerant and optimistic, but not until they become your friends can their virtue, advantages and fidelity to friendship be appreciated. They are quick tempered, but hate arguments and quarrelling. They are kind to their loved ones. They are not afraid of difficulties and problems but when faced with them, they try to work them out gradually. They treat friends sincerely and do not tell lies unless they have to. They are lighthearted and usually fall asleep easily."  


Gullible, slow-witted, faltering

"Putting too much trust and sometimes naïve characteristics may be their shortfalls to point that they can easily fall into traps. Although they are loyal to friends but they actually do not have many friends in return. They are hot-tempered and impulsive and are not good in communication. If they play pranks on people, they won' t know when to stop."

Over the years I've noticed a pattern with people born in the Year of the Pig - 1959, 1971, 1983, 1995
Most of the time they have difficulties in their family of origin and feel responsible to bring everyone back together, or sacrifice themselves for the greater peace. Often though I've seen that they are usually sacrificing in vain.  There are personalities too big to be altered by kindness and civil disagreement. It seems to me this is the karma of the Pig Sign - to balance their generous spirit and kindness with their desire to help. It's also to open their eyes and not be fooled or taken for granted.

Your Chinese Sign Forecast!

1947, 1959, 1971, 1983, 1995

There are chances to travel this year which will be very enjoyable. There are old emotional issues that come back to be faced during the year.  Think of old ties, old wounds, and they will ask your attention to heal them. Work is smooth and not too ambitious this year - stable and you can focus more on your social life this year.  Good year for love.
1948, 1960, 1972, 1984, 1996
Working more behind the scenes this year. Be strategic and don't worry about limelight or being noticed. You achieve what you want under the radar. You will stop to help a few people this year in your busy pace. You are in demand to be of service to friends or family - these are short term situations or favours, not ongoing. Budget properly this year - it may be easy to spend. Better love needs better communication, then it improves :)
1949. 1961,1973,1985,1997
You always go at the pace you want regardless of trends. There is a personal triumph this year, hard won on your part. You enjoy the fruits of your own hard work. Saving becomes important and you are good at being frugal where needed. You continue your popularity and social life is smooth. Let go of your stubborn positions on things with loved ones to have more intimacy.

1950, 1962, 1974,1998
 Lots of movement this year - travels, re-location, exercise, job changes - with a good flow not strain unless you've been stuck too long then situations come to a head and end for the better!  Express your innermost world to loved ones more often, let them SEE your heart more. Many chances for expansion in all areas of life this year.

1951, 1963, 1975, 1987, 1999
You are staying in one place, observing and keeping your life simple this year. Second half of the year makes you hop. Work opportunities too good to ignore, work that must be done by you personally - indispensable to others this year. Secure at home and in love but restlessness over partner/ loved ones and their choices. Feeling protective overall. 

1952, 1964, 1976, 1988, 2000
 Pay attention to your diet and to your words this year. Your innate strength can ruffle feathers in a Pig year. being more deliberate, slower and diplomatic wins you the projects, chances, jobs etc you desire. Great advancement if you do!  Romance this year heats up - the kind of connection you've been waiting for. For married dragons stay closer to home and nurture your partner.  If you stray things will end. You might be more in the public eye this year as well, so decorum in all ways will give you a lot of advantages.

1953, 1965, 1977, 1989
 A chapter or an era of your  life is over and it will be very apparent this year. It may come with some sadness, but it also comes with a new vision of what's ahead. In the next 2 to 3 yrs you will have shed the skin of many years and be a new you. You may find yourself bored with the dialogue this year - Pig is your opposite sign. General discourse can be drab, so be content with the good friends who get you and let go of groups and organisations this year. You fly further solo ;)

1954, 1966, 1978, 1990
 There could be a re-location of some sort pushed upon you. It's circumstantial not personal. Be ready to move - home, job etc. Cover all tracks and bases in work this year. Keep copies, back ups, cc, know the rules and your rights. Your hobbies and pleasures take precedence this year too and can become more serious. Personal accomplishments in terms of mastering skills.

1943, 1955,1967, 1979, 1991
You may feel a bit hurt at not feeling understood or heard this year so its' important to learn to have more voice. Don't be shy and please too much. You may encounter jealousy or gossip as you become happier as the year progresses, ignore them all and keep being happier. It's time for you to express your creative and artistic talents and tastes. Partake in this more often with classes, shows, workshops, talking about it vs problems with the world. Overall you are  lighter this year :)

1944,1956, 1968, 1980, 1992
You may be tempted to break the rules or get away with things this year because it may seem so easy to do. It can be small things or major. Making a habit of this will accumulate by the fall and make it much harder to untangle later, so self control and restraint this year. Someone around you gives you a hard time at work - and the only way to to tame them and make them your ally. Otherwise you enjoy more power and influence this year, professional and social.

1945.1957, 1969, 1981, 1993
You can strut around and feel proud this year as stars align in many ways for you. Do not gloat and brag. If you keep pride in check you keep your support vs alienate them as jealous opponents. Changes of scene, changes of crowd, networking and socialising, dating - a whirlwind. Remember who your good friends are and remember to ground yourself. Financial adviser is a good idea. 

1946, 1958, 1970, 1982, 1994
 Happy year. More security and cosy feeling with loved ones. Your loyalty and devotion has paid off and your relationships thrive - personal and professional. Later in the year there is a chance at promotion. Only caution is health regarding the lungs - colds, no smoking, allergic reactions, asthma - take care of it.
Good year for an addition to your family, even if it's a fur baby :)