5th Dimension Living

The qualities of growth that occur as part of the shifting in and through the fifth dimension are patience, stamina, humor, and wisdom that the more things change the more they are constant. Love and joy are constants my friend.
Albert Einstein

Most of us live in the 3rd Dimension reality and always have.  This dimension has the focus on what can be seen, proven, physical reality, survivalism, fear, lust, using people things and the planet as if they are mere objects.  We have love in the 3rd Dimension as well, but until we have let go of the baggage and old values system of the 3rd Dimension we aren't free. 

"The third dimension as you are aware is defined by the quality of the perception or experience of physicality – meaning that the universe is perceived through the experience of length, width, depth. But the growth quality is the ability to embrace all dimensions, realities, emotion and spirit. It also has the unique quality of freedom of choice. All of the numerically higher dimensions have the opportunity to exhibit in the third. The growth opportunity and quality of the third is the ability to choose to expand beyond the mere perception of physicality, and, incorporate all aspects of self."  Albert Einstien

When we are primarily focused on the 3rd Dimension we are worried about money, status, looks, race, religion, fear, tribalism and many things that helped us differentiate ourselves and survive.  In this dimension there is a lot of blaming, shaming and categorizing. There is a lot of outdated thinking on men and women, sexuality and we have to really work on this to heal.  We have so much objectification going on in our world, perhaps more than ever. We see ourselves as products, or brands. We are hyper aware of the price of everything vs the value of things. 

When we make the shift to the 4th Dimension we now can see the magic begin!  We are aware there is more than the physical world and you touch on the realm of the fairies and spirits, eventually integrating them more and more as real.

                                    When we start to ascend to the 5th Dimension there is now more love, unity,                                               creation and acceptance of change itself


The fifth dimension growth opportunity is the ability to cope, create, manage and manipulate change. This channel has often spoken of the fifth dimension where the quality of change is constant. That is correct but the rationale behind this is that the being is learning how to deal with and create change. It is the precursor to creation. You live in an infinite universe, one that is constantly in the process of change and growth. If you are not able to manage change internally and externally then you can not incorporate the qualities of the higher dimensions with grace. Therefore the growth aspect of the fifth is the ability to move through change, manipulating it in ways that are loving, kind, considerate of self and the collective, and respectful of the grander plan of unfoldment.

There has been a great deal of discussion about the Earth, Terra Gaia, moving into the fifth dimension. This speaks to a fundamental misunderstanding of the quality of dimensions. The dimensions are not fixed points on a compass. They are a circle dancing, moving and expanding constantly. There is constant movement with and between all of dimensions – they are fluid. The planet, animal and human kingdoms collectively have been intensely learning the lessons of constant change." Albert Einstein


When we start to live from the 5th Dimension we find that we are full of self love and need less to sustain us. It isn't about survival and competition anymore. You have compassion for  yourself and others and can forgive or overlook so many things because you KNOW it isn't about YOU.   Suddenly you have a positive level of detachment that allows you to be more efficient or helpful than you were in 3D when you would feel the fear of life and death, or absorb the heavy negativity and pay a price.  

Relationships in 5D are also lighter and more toward love, patience, allowing someone their feelings, their path, and their healing process from all the distorted ideas absorbed in the 3D experiences of life.  You also will find that relating is easier, faster to trust the connection, more intuitive and more meaningful.  There is no mask or "fake it till you make it" in 5D.  Love is based on authenticity.  You will feel more real and others will be real with you.  You drop a huge layer of dense energy you were carrying. 

 To shift we have to do some inner work and heal.                                                                                                                    There will be lots of letting go.                                                                                                                                                    There will be energy surges, waves of joy.                                                                                                                            There will be intuitions and revelations and light-bulb moments,and there will be the release of pent up emotion that has had it all held inside you for so long.                                                                                                                                             All of us can do it.                                                                                                                                                                             All of us can ascend and live from love vs fear


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