I first met Catharine a number of years ago for a reading. She described my husband and told me that he would be taking 4-6 weeks off work and relaxing. I have to admit I was skeptical…my husband is a complete workaholic and this was definitely not him! A few weeks later he hit his head on a staircase, ended up with a concussion and, yes, had to have 6 weeks off work to rest. I was hooked. Since then, she has described holidays that we would be taking, described my children’s mannerisms down to a tee and also work activities that I would be getting involved with. The rest of my family think that I’m strange for wanting to have readings like this…but it’s amazing how interested they all are when I get home to find out what she’s said and what’s going to happen in their lives. Thanks Catharine!

Cordialement/Kind Regards,

— Jo B
Hi Catharine, just wanted to give you an update on my last reading with you back in June. I’m always amazed at how accurate you are with descriptions of people coming into my life. In our session you mentioned there is a man with a shaved head and dark eyes will be helping me out with my career in 3D. Well a couple months later. I did my internship with an owner with that description. A week ago (a month after my internship was finished) he gave me a job offer! I will be making an appointment you again very soon for another reading 🙂
Veronicca A
I remembered you from way back. You are very caring and you give your craft your 1000 %. You work from the heart and soul. I really appreciate the time we were able to spend together for that reading. ‎It gave me peace of mind. Your line of work is not necessarily easy! But you seem to have a passion for what you do: readings, healings and meditation. One thing is sure, you do have a gift!
Take care of yourself and thanks again! Danielle
Hi Catharine,
I know it’s been-Forever...but just wanted to let you know that i read all your newsletters and from doing so feel like I have been witness to your amazing growing presence and healing. Your writing is very soulful and really touches me.
...my heart is happy for you.
Always with love,

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Your newsletter was deeply touching and beautiful. I recently went through a time of feeling broken as my world collapsed. What you wrote touched the heart of the matters as it summed up the larger purposes as to why our worlds fall apart. Simply beautiful.
Thank you
Andrea Barnes