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Victoria’s book credits Catharine with turning her from a skeptic to a believer

The first thing she told me was that I had just ended a serious relationship and my ex was still holding on to the possibility that we would get back together. “But the relationship is done and in the past now,” she said. “I see finality and that you’re both going to be fine.”
— Future Perfect - by Victoria Loustalot

Catharine gives you very accurate readings that will help you in that moment when you need it the most, giving you another perspective of that question you need an answer for. Daniel M


Thank you for taking the time to do a clairvoyant/tarot reading for me. The session was insightful and gave me so much hope to not give up on life no matter how difficult the situation is. Also, I have a greater understanding of intuition and the power of following your gut feelings. Your counselling skills truly cemented my intuition by confirming those repetitive thoughts I had about my ex-partner for a few months, I can't believe how much abuse I have endured and brainwashed my mind to believe this kind of behaviour was typical in a relationship. Thank you for everything and I look forward to reading your newsletters on Mondays



Excellent life coach and medium!" Anil Gupta