What are your deepest beliefs ? How do you feel the Universe works ?

Helping you find your personal truth

We all have some guiding set of beliefs and values that become the framework for our lives. We look to our sense of right and wrong, our sense of universal order - or lack of order/chaos - and from there we make our biggest decisions.  These guiding values  shift our lives and they are adapted and modified throughout life - especially during times of healing and spiritual awakening.

                                                   River-rain has guiding core beliefs as well                                                                                                  If you resonate and relate to any of these statements then we will be a good match to work together !


Following Your Truth Is Rewarded

When you are in alignment with your core values and a strong sense of self worth, you tend to be more bold and take courageous actions.  That clear intention is heard by the higher self and the Universe and is rewarded. We are not talking about winning lotteries, we are talking about a healthier, more loving, more abundant life follows courageous heart centred action!


Be In Your Body -Your Feet Here on Earth, Your Spirit Connected

Many spiritual seekers need to remember that although we are reaching for the light and transcending our old selves' pain bodies - we are still born to this Earth and this body for a reason. We need to live in our bodies fully because all the information of our lives and ancestors is in our cellular memory. When we attempt to leave, check out, space out or yes...transcend the physical we can leave ourselves open to many spiritual dangers.  The trick and the balance then is to know how to be part of Mother Earth, accepting this Earthly life we chose, and knowing how to stay grounded. Only then are we safe to open to other dimensions, and only then will we find the balanced wisdom we need to heal.  We can teach you how to find this balance, read your body's signals and be spiritually protected.