April 2017 Energetic Forecast

Planetary Shifts This Month

Venus Retrograde in Pisces - April 2nd  - The Venus retrograde continues from Aries ( issues around the Self, taking action, desires, risks, boldness or self absorption, childishness and impatience ) applying these theme to our relationship issues and money issues.  Now we shift into Venus Retrograde in Pisces - issues of compassion, self sacrifice, creativity, spirituality, transcendence, escapism, martyrdom and addiction)  Wow that's a mouthful!   In essence the challenge to release old love and money karma grows deeper because we will be presented with all the ways we are NOT loving ourselves and have been sabotaging ourselves. 

Saturn Retrograde in Sagittarius - April 6th - This is a longer retrograde lasting until August 25th.  We can expect to see some feelings of frustration of not getting what you want at the beginning of this transit because it is also squaring off with Venus.  Time can seem to drag with Saturn - keeper of time - out of phase. You can feel tested in some way or restricted in your sense of personal freedom. If you have been responsible in the past you can see some genuine rewards for your efforts, ad if you've been evading responsibility you may have to face the music and rebuild brick by brick.  

Mercury Retrograde in Taurus - April 9th - This placement of Mercury is already slower  and more practical minded than in the previous sign of Aries.  When it retrogrades what we are actually faced with i a reflection of your true values and self worth. If there are financial issues - look at your sense of worth as a person, of your skill set.  Are you worrying yourself to death ? Are you resisting change? This is also a reflection of self worth and confidence. Whatever mercury slows down under Taurus , this is the correct line of questioning to get you out of it and into solutions.

Venus Direct - April 15th  -  This is a relief when you may start to emerge with the lessons of the retrograde.  Have you realised some of your relationship patterns and issues? I should help you start putting yourself first again in healthy ways. It can help us be more bold to take a step or have a needed healing conversation.

Pluto Retrograde in Capricorn - April 20th - Pluto will retrograde from April 20th to September 28th. Pluto is the transformer of the solar system, so it will provoke inner transformation while in retrograde. What might that look like ? You may feel afraid to let go and allow things to change. You may have power and authority issues come up - either other's control over you, or your own sense of personal control and power. This can extend to the victim/ abuser dynamic if we aren't careful. You will want to look at areas where you don't sue your personal power at all, or wisely, and areas of your life where you give away your power, and the need to stand up to abuse or bullying etc. Noticing the theme here?  It is a time for haling in order to move forward this next few months .

Mars in Gemini - April 21st -  Generally this Mars placement is going to be very social, outgoing one minute then disappearing on the computer the next. Great multi-taskers, networkers, self re-inventers, lots of media activity, gossip, news, and stories out there.  IT is also adept at managing multiple stories, timelines and even double lives ! Have fun and get out the door, but please check all your facts.

Venus enters Aries - April 28th - Now we will want action and will be impatient for things to happen NOW.  We might find ourselves more competitive and spontaneous as well - especially after the winter and retrograde of Venus the past 2 months. Let it spark you to action but try to allow some leeway on timing because other planets are retrograde.

Full Moon in Libra April 11th

Major Aspects of this Full Moon

The Sun and Moon are always in opposition on a full moon so that's a given we feel the pull of these two light bodies and the inner and outer sides of ourselves. That's why we look to the other aspects it makes to see what quality it gives this time.  

This Full Moon we see our classic square aspects back in full force.  We have Jupiter conjunct the Moon in Libra - making us very concerned about our appearance, sense of beauty and justice.  How it may really play out could be different with the squares from Pluto in Capricorn, and opposition from the Sun and Uranus conjunct in Aries. This once again folks sis the battle of self vs others. Do I please others? appease others? do I march to my own beat? Am I forceful and bold, blunt, or should I play it safe and not rock the boat. OR do I go off and pursue my own ambitions solo and not worry about others so much?  It leads to the heavy energy we experiences as a steady upheaval from 2011 to 2015, and now we revisit when the planets line it up again via the moon or  Jupiter etc.  SO time to ponder for a moment.  What issues were you mainly facing between 2011 and 2015 ? You may have something come up that re-stimulates that and asks you to evaluate it again from another angle, or perhaps truly put it to rest. 

Based on the aspects of this full moon though, Jupiter and the Moon stand alone and aren't supported by other planets. Whereas Pluto has a nice aspect to Mars - meaning energy flowing between two earthy planets. Focus on getting things done in the practical , tangible sense. Push forward with ambition and persistence.  Uranus and the Sun also have nice aspects from Saturn, stabilising the Aries energy a bit. Once again, that means this time around, put yourself first and take bold action on behalf of yourself.  Pleasing and not rocking boats is not the advice this time around. 

Full Moon Chart 

Full moon in Libra


This chart is drawn for Montreal so it applies specifically by degrees for this region, but the planets are the same anywhere. It is the rising sign that changes depending where on the planet you are. 

New Moon in Taurus - April 26th 

New moons are always the time to plant a wish or idea or intention that can manifest by the full moon.  It's a dark moon, or black moon and sits in the same sign as the sun. A new moon in Aquarius can bring out our inner rebel or renegade. We feel a desire to break free and be independent, follow our own ideas or create something new vs resurrect the old. 

Major Aspects to this New Moon

The New Moon is interesting because as you will see with the chart below, almost all planets are above the horizon line. This is usually a sign that we are more self aware and conscious of our behaviour. Mars in Gemini is in the  12th house  making us very restless and perhaps anxious. It could also mean a lot of talking behind the scenes, whether it's online or behind closed doors, and very private. That could be with others, or within yourself. Either way some meditation will greatly help you, as will some exercise.  This 12th house is huge by degrees too - big piece of pie in this chart. This also stresses the need for solitude and doing the deep reflections. 

The other striking part of this chart is Saturn in the 7th house in Sagittarius. There is always going to be a serious relationship issue at hand with this aspect. Someone wants their freedoms and perhaps the other wants a commitment. It could even be the same person who wants their cake and eat it too.  With Saturn in the 7th house it can also mean some open enemies are about, and some clashes of ideology and culture.   When we have 4 planets all lined up in Aries with this as well we can see some fiercely independent moments arise, and we can see some arguments.   All in all the best aspects are from Saturn to the Sun and Moon in Taurus. All of these in combination want more stability and commitments, despite any restlessness or wanderlust that spring may bring. Try to preserve the quality of your strong relationships and give each other more leeway. 

The Sun and Moon are conjunct in Taurus

New Moon in Taurus Chart

New Moon in Taurus