Book Launch!

A client of mine, Victoria Loustalot, wrote a book about me and I am thrilled to tell you that I will be flown to NYC for the book launch of Future Perfect on January 23rd !  If you would like to see an excerpt from the book you can read this article, and if you want to order the book you can click here :)
I am over the moon to have such a witty and heartfelt book validate me in my profession :)

January 10, 2019 — 6:30 A
Following one life-changing visit with a psychic, Victoria Loustalot was a skeptic transformed. The writer’s new book, Future Perfect, dives into her exploration of psychics, shamans, and astrologers around the world, and the people who ascribe to them. Here, Loustalot describes that powerful encounter and her realization about why so many of us want to trust the unbelievable and unexplainable.

I had my first experience with a psychic in Montreal, and meeting her led me on a wild, bumpy ride like Alice tumbling down the rabbit hole—a very long fall that ends with a beginning.

See, I’d been wearing my skepticism with excessive pride for most of my life, so I wasn’t going to meet any psychic enthusiastically. My best friend, Jane, was getting married and had requested we spend a weekend in Montreal for her bachelorette party. Her other request was that we say goodbye to her single past by taking a psychic peek into her married future. Only while Jane was preparing to make a lifelong commitment to a good man, my own boyfriend of nearly seven years was moving out of my New York apartment, because I had asked him to. Between me and Jane, if either of our futures needed demystifying, it was mine.

When the May morning of our appointment arrived, our party of four woke up queasy, with the chalkiness of the previous night’s overindulgence thick on our tongues. But never mind. We had a long itinerary for our first full day in Montreal. Catharine River-Rain was just the first errand.
— https://www.mindbodygreen.com/articles/the-spiritual-revelation-that-turned-one-skeptic-into-a-believer
Book Launch at the Powerhouse Arena in Brooklyn NY January 23rd 2019

Book Launch: Future Perfect by Victoria Loustalot, in conversation with Ankur Thakkar and mini-readings by psychic Catherine River-Rain