July 2017 Energetic Forecast

Planetary Shifts This Month

July 1st to 19th - Mars in Cancer -  Mars is a direct and firey energy that wants what it wants when it wants it.  So when it arrives in Cancer is isn't at home at all. Now the direct action or passion or anger is in a water sign, making it much more emotional, and less direct in approach. Instead, Cancer hangs onto everything until it blows. This placement means that we'll have deeper emotional build ups before we explode with passion, or anger. At it's worst it can mean manipulation to get the desired results - like being passive aggressive or guilt tripping to get what you want.  If you find yourself doing this, catch it and fix it. If you're the recipient then ask people to directly tell you what they want and don't act on mind reading or sarcasm. 

July 1st - Chiron Retrograde in Pisces -  A wound will be opened up and you will need to heal it. You will have the tools to do this, but only after the initial painful would has been opened up. Chiron in Pisces can be a would of not feeling connected to the Oneness of the Universe, a lack of compassion for yourself or from others ( so it seems) and some ensuing self pity.  It can also feel very victimised - so we really have to work on that state of mind because it will affect the rest of your life outlook.  The way out of this is to make meaningful and spiritual connections to others. 

July 4th - Venus in Gemini - Venus in Gemini is a smart, witty, flirty self re-inventor, who has trouble committing to anything or anyone until it's the REAL deal - otherwise it keeps the options open and plentiful - whether that's in dating, job offers and projects, or social life.

July 5th - Mercury in Leo- Mercury in Leo is firm, confident and dramatic.  It speaks with authority but also strength, or warmth, and can definitely lead and delegate. 

July 9th - Full Moon in Capricorn -  This is going to be a doozie!  Full report below

Saturn Retrograde in Sagittarius - All Month - This is a longer retrograde lasting until August 25th.  We can expect to see some feelings of frustration of not getting what you want at the beginning of this transit because it is also squaring off with Venus.  Time can seem to drag with Saturn - keeper of time - out of phase. You can feel tested in some way or restricted in your sense of personal freedom. If you have been responsible in the past you can see some genuine rewards for your efforts, ad if you've been evading responsibility you may have to face the music and rebuild brick by brick.  

All Month - Neptune Retrograde - This will last until November 22nd. We are entering a period where our sensitivities, dream life, psychic abilities and ability to receive information and energy around us is heightened. You may feel this is wonderful and give you a sense of connected-ness to yourself , or you may find this overwhelming and feel foggy minded by it. Meditation and a calm life will help if it's the latter.

July 20th - Mars in Leo   - This is the ardent lover, the dramatic actor, the passionate CEO, the Lion roaring.  Yes, there can be more drama under a Leo Mars ( and Sun and Mercury) but things can also get moving, get done, come out to be seen and expressed.  You will know where you stand, and you can be bolder and take risks.

July 23rd - New Moon in Leo - Energy lightens up and gives movement. See full report below

July 25th - Mercury in Virgo - Back to the schedule, the plan, the details , the analysis mode. 

July 31st - Venus in Cancer - This will make August a lovely time for romance, family time and children.  Venus in Cancer is a nurturing, thoughtful and tender placement. Great love and affection are shown and given easily.  There may be more emotional times as well but this is healthy. Can be possessive sometimes but also very protective.

Pluto Retrograde in Capricorn - All Month - Pluto will retrograde from April 20th to September 28th. Pluto is the transformer of the solar system, so it will provoke inner transformation while in retrograde. What might that look like ? You may feel afraid to let go and allow things to change. You may have power and authority issues come up - either other's control over you, or your own sense of personal control and power. This can extend to the victim/ abuser dynamic if we aren't careful. You will want to look at areas where you don't sue your personal power at all, or wisely, and areas of your life where you give away your power, and the need to stand up to abuse or bullying etc. Noticing the theme here?  It is a time for healing in order to move forward this next few months .

Full Moon in Capricorn July 9th

Major Aspects of this Full Moon

The Sun and Moon are always in opposition on a full moon so that's a given we feel the pull of these two light bodies and the inner and outer sides of ourselves. That's why we look to the other aspects it makes to see what quality it gives this time.  

This Full Moon The aspects are difficult. The Full Moon is Conjunct Pluto - which happens only once a year - and it ramps up the intensity of emotion to the max. This can bring about a true transformation, but first there will be a bang or a drama. The second whammy of this is that the Full Moon and Pluto in Capricorn oppose the Sun and Mars in Cancer ( ouch)  This means this full moon has potential to really get hurt, or hurt someone else if you're not careful. Mars in Cancer isn't direct, hates confrontation, but it will remember everything you ever did or said and blurt it out in a passive aggressive rant. So high emotion mixed with indirect or poor communication and add a pinch of power tripping.  As I said, it can be a very transformative time, a moment where the line is drawn in the sand, the wall is hit, there is no going back . Ready ? It also squares off with Jupiter and the Part of Fortune in Libra - who just wants things to be fair and discussed. But not with these aspects.  Venus is in Gemini and helps out that Jupiter in Libra - which means LOTS of talking, and talking and more talking.  You might resolve things this way, or at least get things off your chest. But the pull toward a power struggle with big emotion is usually what wins on this spectrum.  It's advisable to try to stay rational though and air everything calmly and even with some detachment if you can.   The stronger pull of positivity in this Full Moon would be to emphasise the Sun/ Mars in Cancer trine Neptune in Pisces. It's water signs, so emotions, but it is more intuitive, sensitive, softer and can even possibly transcend the drama if you are willing to FEEL and share that in a gentle , non-confrontational way.  

Add to this lovely mix that Saturn in Sagittarius is conjunct Lilith - our shadowy side - and squares Chiron - the wound.  There could e major themes around wanting your freedom, or feeling restricted somehow, and the shadow aspects of how you go about getting it, or someone has prevented you from expressing it - it can be pretty nasty.  

Mercury in Leo is trine that Chiron wound now though - and that takes us back to TALKING about things in a calm detached way if you can.  Mercury in Leo may roar or be very demanding if their ego is challenged, so try to tame the lion and speak from the heart, gently but clearly. Don't with hold or get into any games this Full moon. You have to be calm and transparent once you recognise what your wounds are to transform this for the better.  Or - you can just lay low and be a hermit, and meditate lol

My overall take this Full Moon is that you may feel blocked in some way from getting what you need and the emotions are going to run high on that trigger point.  IT is definitely time to clear the air, so lets' try to do it in the best way we can.

 Full Moon Chart 

Full moon in Capricorn


This chart is drawn for Montreal so it applies specifically by degrees for this region, but the planets are the same anywhere. It is the rising sign that changes depending where on the planet you are. 

New Moon in Leo - July 23rd 

New moons are always the time to plant a wish or idea or intention that can manifest by the full moon.  It's a dark moon, or black moon and sits in the same sign as the sun. A new moon in Aquarius can bring out our inner rebel or renegade. We feel a desire to break free and be independent, follow our own ideas or create something new vs resurrect the old. 

Major Aspects to this New Moon

The New Moon we have a stellium - cluster of planets - in Leo.  The New Moon, Sun, Mars and Part of Fortune are all conjunct in Leo.  This packs a nice punch of energy for us all. Talk about feeling expressive, ambitious, motivated and confident ! All these planets are now trine that Chiron wound - yay ! its' easier to take action and some risk to get your life better.  AND all these planets are square Uranus in Aries - which normally I'd say is stressful in a bad way, but this New Moon I feel this is great. Some unexpected events or actions can really jump start your life. It adds this independent streak and the ability to bust out in a new direction and break the rules. I think it will be helpful.  that same Uranus is also making a great Grand Trine with Mercury, North Node, and Saturn and Lilith.  So NOW after our Full moon drama we should KNOW better what is bothering us, what needs to change or be tweaked, and this trine supports you breaking free to claim your space, your creativity, your passion.

The thing to watch for is to make sure your new expectations are realistic - with Saturn and Venus Squaring Neptune you might feel you can't get what you want, or it always eludes you, passes you by.  You may feel you sabotage your desires, or that others sabotage you. So if your expectations are adjusted to a new reality - an attainable goal - you will have the empowered side of this New Moon 

New Moon in Leo Chart

New Moon in Leo