January 2016 Energy Forecast

Planetary Shifts This Month

Mercury Retrograde - Jan 5  - 20th                                                                                                                                            Yes here we go again! Communications slow down or get confused, missed emails, things sent thrice, computers that don't work, electronics malfunctioning - don't sign anything really important if you don' t have to. If you do double check every detail.  Each retrograde plays out differently. Some are almost seamless, others are very frustrating.

The combination of aspects this month is very interesting! The feel of the New Year is definitely shaping up to be different than last one. The vibe in the air is faster, lighter, and a bit impulsive.  There are enough indications that our feelings and desires will be sailing along and with some luck on our side - magic can happen. However, the aspects also say that we could narrowly miss the iceberg. The motives of others will be smoother and more hidden with Mars moving into Scorpio, especially when in the sign of Capricorn.  We have Neptune squaring Venus though to add a layer of icing to our lives.  IT's a good time to visualise, draw, write poetry or find a perfect thing for your wardrobe. It's not so easy for romance. It will make it magical, but possibly illusory.  Overall I would say that we would be best to wait a day or two before saying or buying anything big, before making a big move, announcing anything etc. That's always practical advice yes, but with Mercury retrograde and all the Neptunian and Uranian energy, it's a month where we could get very lucky or really mess up.

Tarot of the Month


 Mars in Scorpio - Jan 3                                                                                                                    Mars stays in a sign for about 3 months so it is significant because it influences the temperament we feel and experience personally and globally.  Mars in Scorpio is very strategic and secretive. It keeps things close to the chest, but remembers everything and feels everything intensely. It can be a difficult aspect because of the tendency to express it's lower side - manipulation, with holding, sexualizing everything, being possessive and controlling. If we can remember this and be aware of unspoken or hidden motives we can express it's higher side which is passion and spiritual union with great depth.

Venus square Neptune - Jan 5                                                                                                     Venus will square Neptune directly for a day, but as sensitive people we can feel it the week before or after.  It is a difficult aspect because it can distort our sense of love and self esteem.  Venus is our desires and wants, Neptune is where we idealise, find something mystical , or become self delusional. How can this play out in real life? You may put someone on a pedestal who doesn't deserve it.  Someone may project their own issues and feelings onto you so the relationship becomes strained and doesn't feel real any-more. We can hold ourselves up to an impossible standard of beauty or any other quality you think desire is based on.  In short, we need to keep our heads in check around these dates. 
Sun conjunction Pluto - Jan 6                                                                                                            This aspect is also just a short day or two, but can also be felt in advance or after.  The sheer intensity of Pluto meeting the Sun is like the Darth Vader energy of the zodiac.  It is just as intense, powerful, magnetic, sexy and dark - but we love it!  Anything you do on this day can have a big impact, so use it in your favour.                                                                                                           Sun square Uranus - Jan 7                                                                                                               This is a time when you feel a restless build up of energy around you. You may have some surprised and have to deal with them, or you may be the one who surprises others with your words or actions. This is a rebellious vibe and you want to bust out of the humdrum and show us your individual self. If you do and are following your gut I always encourage it, i fits' not harming anyone. You may get some resistance from others who don't like change. So be it. We all need times when we let out what's inside and goes against the routines of life. Sometimes breakthroughs are possible and amazing works of art too.
Venus conjunction Saturn - Jan 9 ( New Moon in Capricorn!)                                                            This lasts for about 2 weeks so it will be felt. This aspect is best summed up by the Rolling Stone's song, you Can't always Get What You Want.  Venus is desire and Saturn is rules. So just as you reach for something you want Saturn comes along and whaps you on the knuckles and says, not yet !  What's the result of this ? Frustration. This is a time to be patient and aware of our longings and cravings so it doesn't get terribly frustrated. 
Venus trine Uranus - Jan 13                                                                                                  This is a better vibe than Saturn to Venus, but we still have to now be careful that we aren't too impulsive! If your intuition is very strong and clear - it could be magical. If you're following a more addictive or attached vibe with impulse then you may be in for a disappointment. 
Sun trine Jupiter - Jan 13                                                                                                                    This can be felt for a few days around this aspect - and its a very nice one ! This is an empowering, expansive and very productive time. Milk it for all its' worth.
Mars trine Neptune - Jan 18                                                                                                      According to Astrologyking.com, "stimulates your sensuality, creativity and community spirit. You will enjoy a strong magnetic attractiveness and sultry charm which makes this an ideal time for passionate romances. Sexual encounters would be strongly compassionate, tender and spiritual in nature. If dating, then you are likely to attract a less aggressive, more spiritually inclined partner."  This description is so perfect I had to link it for you!
Mercury conjunction Pluto - Jan 22                                                                                          Mercury joining Pluto is a very intense day. Anything said on this day will have so much impact. We often don't need to try to have that impact either. Your words and ideas will resonate long after the fact so use them wisely. Any aspect can be a disaster or a blessing - it all depends on how you play it. 

Full Moon in Leo - Jan 24                                                                                                                    Leo moons will bring out a need to shine and be seen ( or bowed down to ;) Your inner Queen awakens and wants to be seen and pampered. Thing is, the Sun is in Aquarius so standing out alone as special isn't seen too nicely - and therein lies the rub. 

“Dweller on the Threshold

I’m a dweller on the threshold
And I’m waiting at the door
And I’m standing in the darkness
I don’t want to wait no more

I have seen without perceiving
I have been another man
Let me pierce the realm of glamor
So I know just what I am