Tarot of the Week - Extended Version

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4 of Wands, Strength, Ace of Cups

 4 of Wands - The 4 of Wands  shows  a happy home and fertile threshold to enterthe castle. Beyond this gate or arch is a happy scenario with joyful people. Here we see what we can build with passion and sustained energy. Fours suggest stability.

Strength -  This card shows our relationship to beast or Nature. It shows a woman taming a lion. In this version of the card  there is love and complicity between her and he lion. She completely trusts and is at one with her animal/creative side. She works with Nature vs dominating it by force
Ace of Cups -  Ace of Cups  is a card of love.
The essence of water, emotion, and creativity.

Overall This Week -   This week has a very loving energy. These cards do suggest we focus on our homes and stability - wherever we find that. There is a challenge oftaming someone or something - which could be you taming yourself as well.If you do this with love ( Ace of Cups) you will find yourself healing and soothed. So what might you be taming? or whom ?  Strength is about your relationship to Nature. She isn't conquering the Lion showing force over Nature, she is working to sooth theLion so he opens his mouth to her and trusts her. If you are dealing with anyone and you are wondering what approach to take with them - this would be the advice. NO shows of force will work as well as calming and taming them to work with you. Enjoy the alignment of planets in Scorpio now and allow yourself to delve into your deeper side, emotions and all. 


Have a wonderful week