February 2016 Energy Forecast 

Planetary Shifts This Month

 Mercury square Uranus  Feb 1st  - Mercury is our planet of communication and how we think so when it collides ( squares) Uranus we are in for a jolt of new ideas, flurry of sudden information, lots of social activity - even if just online - especially online actually!  Uranus will be dominated by no one and will rebel and provoke when it wants to. When you have these two planets in conflict you can expect some tension or conflict, or eruption. It can play out in arguments, or it can present itself as a breakthrough as well. It's really up to our own charts to know which it'll be.  Expect the unexpected - random thoughts that burst out of your mouth, provocative statements that ruffle feathers - that sort of thing.

Mars quincunx Uranus Feb 5th -  Quinicunx is an aspect not discussed as often. It is 150 degrees.  It isn't a trine  120 degrees and  harmonious, and it isn't an opposition of 180 degrees.  We don't feel the direct conflict or the full flow with this aspect. We usually feel a grind, a rub, a frustration.  When Mars is grinding Uranus we could have quite the build up of energy inside. That can express itself anywhere - but usually as an eruption of a build up. If you find yourself restless and agitated take heed to calm yourself down and not react to things too quickly.  If you sense others becoming overly aggressive or snappy, it'd be good to pull back.  Direct conflict can often be easier to deal with than the quinicunx, whereby people don't acknowledge they are upset and then blow their lid randomly. 

Venus conjunction Pluto  Feb 6th  - This is a really significant aspect this month. Venus represents our desires, and feminine side, women and women's issues, how we see ourselves in our feminine aspect. Pluto deals with transformation and power.  When these two planets get together in Capricorn we may experience difficulties with women in our lives.  This can mean anything from power struggles with a woman in your life, to competitive themes, to violence.  We can expect to see something happen on the political front as well around this transit - hopefully advancements for women's safety or rights, but perhaps not.   In our personal lives we can also see some possessive and controlling behaviour, obsessive behaviour, very intense emotions, deep conversations ( shallow just won't do!)  In Capricorn, the desire and power aspect are driven toward climbing the ladder, being recognized, pushing yourself further than ever before. The positive side could be a very ambitious wave comes over you and you are enormously productive. 

Mercury trine Jupiter  Feb 6th  -  Jupiter expands whatever it touches.  It gives a grandiosity and enthusiasm to us.  As it makes a lovely aspect to Mercury you may be filled with inspiration today. You could have those proverbial light-bulb moments, and experience true vision.  You can  alsoget very carried away too - so dream and envision and write it all down, but step back before acting to check things for practicality too.                 

Venus square Uranus  Feb 6th - This aspect can bring out the artistic rebel in you. IT would be a great day to reinvent our look in some way, or your space. Anything aesthetic can get a boost of originality with this influence. In our relationships we can once again expect the unexpected. Uranus always brings out the feisty independence of us, so we may rebel in small ways to anything that we dont' fully want to do.  We can break off on our own. We may ditch our friends to be alone or try a new place.

Sun square Mars  Feb 7th - A day to be aware of aggression in the air. Take care with your own reactions, keep the pulse on other's level of irritation or anger. These two planets colliding can mean conflicts that erupt, and sometimes accidents. 

Venus trine Jupiter  Feb 10th -  This is a lovely day! Planet of love in harmony with planet of optimism and expansion.  You can feel wonderfully high and inspired. You can  also get ahead of yourself or be unrealistic - but enjoy this great feelings and come back to earth another day. 

Mercury ingres Aquarius  Feb 13th - Mercury moves into Aquarius today so our thinking and way of communicating is shifting. We'll feel the speed of communication get better, and our logical side increased. Our ability to detach our thinking and out emotions is better as well. We can become very strong in our opinions and stick to them, even stand up for our beliefs under this influence. It happens once a year, so look for patterns in your communications during most winters. 

Venus ingres Aquarius  Feb 17th  - Venus goes into Aquarius today ! Venus here expresses herself in an unconventional way. It's not the traditional beauty and rules that pleases her. She wants to see modern art, or unusual music, dress in something that doesn't quite match or is asymmetrical.  We see individuality and appreciate those with another world vision.  This Venus may like to surprise or shock us with her decisions, aka  she may bring home a love partner that no one would ever want at dinner ;)
Sun ingres Pisces  Feb 19th - The Sun goes into Pisces today!  We will see things softening now. The energy is more emotional and mutable, changeable, adaptable, sensitive, and potentially blurry or confusing.  Pisces is ruled by Neptune, who gives us beautiful dreams, spiritual vision, illusions, escapism and the fog that comes with dissolving the ego into oneness. 
Sun conjunction Neptune  Feb 28th - When the Sun meet Neptune in the same sign and degree it creates a person who wants something that transcends the ego. We look for meaningful or spiritual experiences, or unusually and mystical expressions through art, or even just eccentric or off grid non mainstream experiences. 

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