Feeling Stuck ?

Raise the Bar


How do you react when you’re feeling stuck ?…

Everyone feels stuck at some point, in some area of life. We all wonder, “is this it ? Do I accept where I am at ? Is this just life? Is it normal ?” You may be confused where the line is drawn between resignation and healthy acceptance. The opposite is also true. We can be reaching beyond our limits and be stuck as well. Life flows best when we are positive, optimistic and realistic about our capacities. We can get stuck when we aim too high or shot too low - but usually it’s the latter

In all the years of giving readings and coaching people, I’ve seen that most of the time when someone feel stuck they have let themselves go in some way. They stopped believing in themselves or in life and what’s still possible. They may be cynical and hurt and usually not really facing it to heal it. Sometimes they are applying for the same jobs at the same kinds of companies and nothing is working and decide “there are no jobs right now”. They could be longing for love but never venture out to meet anyone.

Whatever your particular brand of feeling stuck might be I suggest that the way out is usually to raise the bar for yourself.

If you are out of work or can’t find a new satisfying job then it’s time to take a good look at your skill set and then open up the field wide to see how your skills fit into new places. If for example you’re an accountant, you can keep the books fora boring stuffy place, or you can do it for a Club Med! You can reinvent your life without a huge overhaul or new courses etc. Sometimes you just have to say yes to something you never tried, gear yourself toward an area of life that interests you and find a position where you get to be around the things or type of people you like.

Sometimes you’e not advancing in your work or career because you’re undervaluing yourself. You need to do your homework and see what other people are earning or charging for similar ability to you. You need to know that you CAN leave a toxic environment and be happy again at work. Raising the bar comes in all forms.
When you raise the bar you’re asking for more from yourself and from the Universe to deliver it to you. You challenge yourself to keep growing and learning. You refuse to give in or give up on life. You are saying that you’re never too old, and its’ never too late.


It’s ALL mindset.

If you are stuck in love- maybe single for a long time. Ask yourself if you’ve given up on love. Do you still believe you can fall in love? Do you still believe there are people you can trust? Do you see the beauty in yourself and others still ? Are you doing anything to meet people - it doesn’t have to mean dating sites. It’s the willingness and openness to be open to love. If you really look at why you’re single, there’s almost always a broken heart that hasn’t healed from a former love that wasn’t returned or left. You have to forgive the lost love and know that it’s still possible at any time to fall in love again.

You may need to raise the bar with your self love and self care. To improve your health, your outlook and your attractiveness - the feeling of confidence that comes when you KNOW you’re taking good care of yourself is very powerful and magnetic for all kinds of things in life.

How can you raise the bar in your life today ? Where do you feel most blocked, stuck, impatient or hopeless? This is the are to start changing what you believe is possible for you. Start with a list of what you believe is true - and be honest. When you can really see the underlying beliefs you have about this painful part of your life, you can change it. Processing the underlying reasons where these beliefs come from is very enlightening.

Wouldn’t you rather have a life of challenging yourself to be a better version of yourself?

If you want to hear more on this topic you can listen to my podcast for lots of motivation!

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