We are all in this together 

Being aware of  current planetary trends, energetic shifts, and the ways our lives are affected by them can reassure you that we are ALL feeling things collectively as sensitive souls.

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3 of Swords, 3 of Cups, The Hierophant

3 of Swords - "the Three of Swords often represents the nasty little curve balls that life can throw sometimes. Betrayal, abandonment, rejection, separation, a reversal of fortune. These hurts are painful because they hit you when you least expect them. If you have drawn this card, you may know what it refers to, but if not, the Three of Swords is a valuable warning. It is likely there is something amiss in your life that you are unaware of or unwilling to acknowledge. Curve balls hit us when we're looking the other way. Examine your situation carefully. Talk to the people in your life. Don't take anything for granted. Listen to your inner voice; it will help you locate the problem."

3 of Cups -  The 3 of Cups shows a joyful and abundant meeting of people. This card shows emotions in harmony and community with others. Creativity, warmth and even nurturing are available to us. It is happy and safe to express our love. 

The Hierophant - This is the teacher, the mentor, the guru, the yogi, the priest. This person is the conduit between the human and the Divine. It often signifies a period of deep reflection on spiritual matters, or it can represent studying and research on any topic.

Overall this Week This week the first card shows us the heartbreak card.  If you've had a rough ride recently, or have been grieving someone or something, then the pain is ending and subsiding now. Last week we had the 10's - Swords and Cups. It showed endings and culmination points that may have been difficult.  This week we have the 3's - Swords and Cups. This is very interesting because 3's show healing, abundance, virtue etc. There is positive resolution to your heart now. 
With the 3 of Swords we feel the loss and sorrow or pain of betrayal or rejection. It's not pleasant at all. But with the 3 of Cups we open the heart again. This can mean you've resolved something -    ... full reading here