Hanged Man, Empress, Pig

What’s in store for us in 2019 ?


This year is going to be very interesting!  Every year I look at the numerology of  the year and correlate it to the tarot for insight into what may come. This year adds to a  12/3 so we can look at The Hanged Man and the Empress , and we will add  in the Year of the Earth Pig as well and get a sense of what may come this year.

Overall a year number 3 is very good. It represents trinities of all sorts and that means spirituality, creativity and virtue

During a 3 year you can find yourself more fluid and social, expressing yourself in various ways, and increasing your connection to spirit through this. 

When we look deeper at the numerology that brings us to the Hanged Man we add 2+0+1+9 and we get 12, which breaks down to a 3. However, if the total when we ad is 22 or less we can correlate it to the Tarot. And if we ever get an 11, 22 or 33 we have a master number year, as we did for 2018.  In this case we can use the 12 and the 3—the Hanged Man and the Empress. So let’s begin to see what this may mean !

The Hanged Man was a complex lesson for me as I learned the tarot. Why was he hanging there? Who put  him there? Why doesn’t he just release himself and come down ?  Why is there a sacrifice to be made? And what exactly is that sacrifice ?  In some tarot decks the Hanged man is on a nice tree, dangling just by his own will by his foot, almost smiling and  “hanging out”.  In the Thoth deck— which I started with and still use—he is bound there to an Ankh with rope and there is no way he can get out unless released by another person or greater force.


The Hanged Man in real life from my experience seems to be an experience to transformation by the act of sacrifice. Sometimes the sacrifices aren’t obvious or chosen!  People who showed  me the card were usually in a situation they felt stuck, trapped, or helpless in and with not many ways out—nothing quick..  Their learning curve was going to be very slow and frustrating at times.  I like to use the analogy of someone who has no choice but to care for an aging parent let’s say.  There’s no one else to do it, and not enough money for paid care. So you are stuck or called to give service. The process of changing your live and them theirs will be a slow gradual process whereby progress is subtle and hard to see right away , but it is very deep.  By the time you have done a year or so of this ( 12 card can mean 12 months or more)  you will definitely have transformed.  Most likely you will both be more bonded in someway, understand the other better, or be in a position to make peace with life and death, illness, independence and dependence, role reversals, logistics of life that make your lives flow better or worse are more obvious. You have both transformed over a long period of time. There are so many spiritual lessons in a journey such as this!  It can apply to many other circumstances but the pattern remains that progress will be painstakingly slow even if much is going on within—and your perseverance day by day will be worth it down the road.  So for any undertaking or goal you have this year prepare yourself t succeed, but on a slower day by day basis, and be willing to make certain sacrifices to get there. If it’s weight loss it will be slow and gradual.  If it’s finances  make some cut backs to get to where you want to be etc.



This leads me into the Year of the Pig.  Pigs have long been associated with sacrifice as well.  Usually the person born under this sign is amidst family conflicts and drama, or in the eye of the hurricane at work, trying to civilise everyone to get along better.  Often the Pig archetype is a bit naïve that people can’ t “just get along “ that easily. There are too many feelings and layers involved. This is what the Pig would like though—for us all to be polite and civil, sacrifice for our couple, company or family and be nice about it.  So if we combine these energies I would say we have a year of slow negotiations to bring together different sides so they are more respectful and cohesive.  This can apply to family dynamics,  work dynamics ( restructuring is a good example) and globally this can certainly be applied to the upcoming negotiations of tariffs, pipelines, NAFTA, migrations in Europe—and so many more. The theme is what sacrifices are you willing to make—that don’t harm you—that will help the greater good.

This brings me to the Empress.  She is the Universal Mother figure of the Tarot. She is abundant, fertile, nurturing of all life big and small—you could call her Gaia or Mother Earth. She is creative and caring, and she is the Divine Feminine energy we need to shift things on the planet and in any personal situation as well. 

How so ?  When we reach an impass with others we need to bring empathy and gentles to our tone and approach. This doesn’t mean she is a doormat!  There are ways to say anything firmly and with strong limits and say it with love vs rage.  When people don’t feel heard, or that people care it of course brings out the worst side of them and the aggressive or cold approach will carry us and escalate us to war at one extreme.  So you heal that with firmness but gentles.  Like a mother who is loving and clear about a baby not running across the street, or putting a hand on the burner. We can all aspire to nurture ourselves, mother ourselves and be more kind this year as we try to pull together different people into more unity. 

One last aspect of this year that will play out is the aspect of Uranus in Taurus.  With this influence coming into play for the next 7 years we need to understand how things will shift. Taurus likes it’s stability and comforts, good insurance plans and retirement savings etc. We associate a lot of our financial and work systems with a Taurean ideal of the long term secure job with benefits. We all know this is fast disappearing, so we grasp for how we can still feel secure in this world ? Uranus will very likely tip the apple cart on our ideas of a workplace, workday structure, banking structure and what we value—ie. What is worth what ? Not as in putting a price tag on everything, but a big re-vamp of values and what is worth the effort to have x, y or z.  This is also a Hanged Man kind of process. Allow yourself to adapt to this new structure and slowly you will be transformed and alright. Resist and you will have a hard time in a transit like this.

The Pig also values it’s security very much, think of a Piggy Bank!  We will be shifting what we consider security and how we go about getting this from life over the next several years—and it should help bring many outmoded things into a more modern and effective way of life.

Focus on the energy of The Empress—go out there are create, express yourself with love but say it, write it, sing it.

Allow the loving flow to help you ride the waves of change and bring you closer to your spirit than every before !

I wish everyone a wonderful 2019!