Intuition Training & Circles

Welcome to my newly designed Intuition Development & Circles.  I am excited to bring you into this paradigm where self trust is top of the priority list and 5th Dimensional reality is REAL.  If you have every wondered if you have intuitive or psychic gifts, or if you want t connect with more people like you who DO have abilities hard to share with others - this is the place for you.  I create a safe space for everyone to explore and express anything related to spirituality and intuitive living.  If you are here reading this, chances are you DO have gifts and you have felt isolated in sharing your messages and impressions to friends ad family.  In this workshop you will meet people just like you. You won't be judged. You will be given the room and the tools to see what is going on with your abilities, develop them further, and connect to your own tribe.  Check out the full program below.  

You have 2 options !

1  You can join the series where you will get special training to develop and support you as you go deeper into your intuitive abilities and apply them to your life, AND you will get the intuition circles every 2 weeks as part of the whole experience. 

2.  You can just come to an Intuition Circle and give it a try.  The circles are for lighter exercises and practice vs training. To see more about how the Intuition Circles work click here>


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 Catharine Allan       514 943 7246