May 2017 Energetic Forecast

Planetary Shifts This Month

Mercury Direct in Aries May 3rd - This Retrograde period was a tough one. The energy was slow and thick as molasses. Hopefully is did give you pause - time to do or think about things you normally never get the time or head-space to do.  Mercury Direct again in Aries bring back the fast, firey and direct approach. IT's a good time to clear up any gunk from the past 3 weeks.

Saturn Retrograde in Sagittarius - All Month - This is a longer retrograde lasting until August 25th.  We can expect to see some feelings of frustration of not getting what you want at the beginning of this transit because it is also squaring off with Venus.  Time can seem to drag with Saturn - keeper of time - out of phase. You can feel tested in some way or restricted in your sense of personal freedom. If you have been responsible in the past you can see some genuine rewards for your efforts, ad if you've been evading responsibility you may have to face the music and rebuild brick by brick.  

Mercury Conjunct Uranus in Aries May 10th  - This can either be really blunt, explosive and conflictual OR high energy, innovative and  BIG. 

Mars Square Neptune May 11th - This is not an easy one, but it's short lived.  The tendency here is toward self-sabotage, lies or deception ( including self-deception )

Venus Square Pluto May 25th  - This can bring some drama or power struggles with women. 

Pluto Retrograde in Capricorn - All Month - Pluto will retrograde from April 20th to September 28th. Pluto is the transformer of the solar system, so it will provoke inner transformation while in retrograde. What might that look like ? You may feel afraid to let go and allow things to change. You may have power and authority issues come up - either other's control over you, or your own sense of personal control and power. This can extend to the victim/ abuser dynamic if we aren't careful. You will want to look at areas where you don't sue your personal power at all, or wisely, and areas of your life where you give away your power, and the need to stand up to abuse or bullying etc. Noticing the theme here?  It is a time for haling in order to move forward this next few months .

Mars in Gemini - All Month -  Generally this Mars placement is going to be very social, outgoing one minute then disappearing on the computer the next. Great multi-taskers, networkers, self re-inventers, lots of media activity, gossip, news, and stories out there.  It is also adept at managing multiple stories, timelines and even double lives ! Have fun and get out the door, but please check all your facts.

Venus in Aries - All Month - Now we will want action and will be impatient for things to happen NOW.  We might find ourselves more competitive and spontaneous as well - especially after the winter and retrograde of Venus the past 2 months. Let it spark you to action but try to allow some leeway on timing because other planets are retrograde.

Full Moon in Scorpio May 10th

Major Aspects of this Full Moon

The Sun and Moon are always in opposition on a full moon so that's a given we feel the pull of these two light bodies and the inner and outer sides of ourselves. That's why we look to the other aspects it makes to see what quality it gives this time.  

This Full Moon we see some very nice aspects!  The Scorpio Moon trines Neptune in Pisces which can bring us into a mystical head-space of either spirituality, creativity or emotional depth of connection. Pluto in Capricorn comes into this with sextiles to both, and that can give gravitas to any of these experiences, solidifying them, making them very real vs abstract ideas.   Pluto then is Trine the Sun in Taurus, so even though the sun and moon oppose at a full moon, and in these two signs it can be intensely so, this stream of energy seems to be more integrated and grounding - and that may help us with our emotional reactivity, having more self control.   Mars is trine Juptier in air signs so this can stimulate our brains and communications greatly, hopefully living us bright ideas .  At worst it could make us restless or fickle. We also have Saturn trine Mercury and Uranus in Aries - once again grounding a potentially erratic or electric, volatile aspect.   Normally with a Scorpio full moon and Taurus Sun we can have a lot of drama and emotional intensity - but this one feels calm if we focus on staying practical.

On the other hand we have Pluto Squaring Mercury/ Uranus, so the potential for an explosive or life altering exchange is still there.  Sometimes those are needed to clear air and move on, so if you feel a build up to this degree choose your words wisely and use the energy to boldly move forward vs unleashing undirected anger. We also have Mars squaring Neptune which can be  a tough energy to handle because it means you act against yourself, hide motives, unconscious manipulation or deception can come into being from within you or around you. 

Don't let the last aspect make you nervous about this full moon - there is a beautiful calm feel to it. If anything is so deep it must come up and come out, let it be used for healing. 

Full Moon Chart 

Full moon in Scorpio


This chart is drawn for Montreal so it applies specifically by degrees for this region, but the planets are the same anywhere. It is the rising sign that changes depending where on the planet you are. 

New Moon in Gemini - May 25th 

New moons are always the time to plant a wish or idea or intention that can manifest by the full moon.  It's a dark moon, or black moon and sits in the same sign as the sun. A new moon in Aquarius can bring out our inner rebel or renegade. We feel a desire to break free and be independent, follow our own ideas or create something new vs resurrect the old. 

Major Aspects to this New Moon

The New Moon chart is  very interesting by the formation it makes. Do you see the focal point of the aspects from Jupiter ? It's as if a kite is drawn in the chart.  Jupiter is still retrograde in Libra and our relationships are under scrutiny as well as our sense of justice and fairness in life. Jupiter is trine the Sun, Moon and Mars thereby activating or expanding it in a good way. This can be a great time for heart to heart talks, opening the floor to new topics to keep your relationships fairer and fresher.     

Venus and Uranus are there in Aries in the 7th house of relationships and that spells us wanting our freedom and not to be controlled o restricted in our self expression in anyway.  Venus is  opposing that Jupiter. So the question is then, which one wins? A desire to individuality and spontaneity or our desire to harmonise and partner, compromise ? We have strong planets supporting BOTH choices.  Let's continue!

Her e is where it all gets interesting. We have Saturn in Sagittarius ( who also loves freedom but is tested in that  right now)  supporting Venus and Uranus - so the pull toward personal freedom is strong.  Saturn also now opposes Mars in Gemini and this can create an inner conflict in itself. This aspect would be like a fish trying to get escape of the hook - moving fast in all directions trying to be free.  Neptune is still squaring Mars along with the Sun and Moon  so our ability to escape could be stronger, but so is the likelihood of being ensnared in the first place. 

Pluto factors into this again too. It squares Jupiter, Mercury and Venus.  SO much going on in one chart - you can even feel it in all the aspect lines and the formation they make. So for me I tune into which aspects seem to have the strongest energy in the configuration and that is Jupiter trine Mars, Sun and Moon,  then Sun and Moon square Neptune.  We could sabotage ourselves if we aren't clear to communicate and clear the air around this new moon. I sense a lot of uplifting and high energy discussion and connecting at this new moon. Overall I feel we'll be looking for the compromises vs my way or the highway solutions. Overall the results of this feel positive. 

The Sun and Moon are conjunct in Gemini

New Moon in Gemini Chart

New Moon in Gemini