November 2016 Energetic Forecast

Planetary Shifts This Month  

Mars in Aquarius November 7th - This is the Mars of the rebel, the anarchist, the eccentric or general shit disturber. You may feel or see others around you being more independent, quirky, expressive, inventive or difficult - but friendly none the less.

Venus into Capricorn November 11th -  This is the Venus of the elegant social climber - ambitious, efficient, long term strategist. This will have people wanting to have that Martha Stewart aesthetic in their home, decor, clothing and parties. 

Mercury in Sagittarius November 12th - This is the Mercury of the witty comic, truth telling punster. Always  talking, story-telling, informing, entertaining - always learning.  This can also give people foot in mouth disease. 

Neptune Direct in Pisces  November 19th -  Neptune casts a nuage or a glamour around everything - so what we see might be truly inspirational, pure and light - or we may be seeing an illusion or mirage.  When this planet goes direct it will shift our perceptions again and awaken us out of the dream. 

New Moon in Scorpio

New moons are always the time to plant a wish or idea or intention that can manifest by the full moon.  It's a dark moon, or black moon and sits in the same sign as the sun. A new moon in Libra can herald relationship issues, legal issues, diplomacy and communication issues.  It can also be a time of artistic and academic pursuits.  Networking is great under this influence as well since Libra knows how to charm almost anyone.  You may feel inspired to get out the door to movies, art performances, lectures, BNI meetings, or simply want to beautify your life in some way - your physical body or your environment. 

Major Aspects of this New Moon

The main aspects to look at here are which planets aspect that new moon. We have the Sun, Moon and Mercury in Scorpio making a beautiful aspect to Neptune, so that actually may give the day a glow or an emotional depth, or a mystical spiritual day.  The configuration also makes a nice aspect to Pluto adding a power or trans formative quality to it as well. Venus and Saturn are conjunct in Sagittarius which impact this New Moon energy as well. This conjunction is usually akin got the phrase, you can't always get what you want" - there is a desire for great freedom and a restriction to it at the same time. these planets also make a hard  aspect to Neptune. This can bring up aspects of self sabotage and self deception. So with all the emotions activated in our quest to understand fully and go deeper, we also must guard against any self destructive thinking and instead accept "what is" and decide how to react best. 

New Moon Chart 

This chart is drawn for Montreal so it applies specifically by degrees for this region, but the planets are the same anywhere. It is the rising sign that changes depending where on the planet you are. 

New Moon in Scorpio

New Moon in Scoprio


Full Moon in Taurus 

The full moon in Taurus or Scorpio is ALWAYS very intense. These two signs are strong opponents and will be very stubborn when they oppose each-other. The Sun is in Scorpio now and the Moon is in Taurus this full moon, so usually we expect the pull between big changes, upheaval and transformation is met with loyalty, comfort and stability at all costs.  This Moon is trine Pluto, so it gives the Taurus side more power - the stability and security over the upheaval.  The Scorpio sun isn't aspecting anything.  Only words of caution here are Neptune and Chiron square Mercury - care is needed in our wording to others. We may blurt out something that disrupts that security !  Jupiter is also opposing Uranus, so the pull of pleasing others vs going off on our own is ever present too. Overall I would say there is a choice between keeping our mouths and opinions to ourselves to keep the peace, or allowing our security to be shifted and being independent and outspoken. Which will you choose ? 

Full Moon in Taurus Chart 

Full Moon in Taurus