On line Learning begins soon

Learn Tarot and Astrology On-line ( 2 Separate Series)

Comparative Tarot lesson on The Lovers card 


I taught myself to read the tarot 25 years ago.  My methods reflect the way I taught myself to read and include the academic side AND the intuitive side of interpreting cards.

The way I teach the tarot is to compare the classic Ryder Waite Tarot to the Thoth Tarot. Each has a very different philosophy to the cards and to how life works. When you learn both meanings the card then has a deeper meaning. Then you can apply this to any deck you buy and compare on your own what the creator of that tarot is saying about life !

There will be an introductory video, then one video per card. You will have access to the series you sign up for and have access to the videos for a few months to go back to and review.

If you get stuck and want a private lesson with me I'm available in person or by Skype  to clear all  your questions

When you learn online the classes are recorded so you can go back to watch any of them again, and if you need to miss a week or two you can always catch right up again.  It's your personal taste how you want to learn.  

Message me for any questions at river.rain.catharine@gmail.com

Astrology  Series

Astrology is my passion since I was 15.  I will take you through all the basics to understand each sign, each planet. each house.  We will talk about how to interpret your Sun, Moon and Ascendant. We will show you how to look at the aspects in your chart to see where your greatest gifts and challenges are. We will also show you how to interpret your chart once you have passed through these first steps. Astrology is a language and it will transform the way you see yourself and others in a positive way. With greater understanding of yourself - how and why you tick the way you do, what past life elements are repeating this time around, knowing your deeper needs - you will be able to make  better choices that lead to more compatibility and happiness. 

This series also goes one chunk at a time. Each class will cover something specific and in detail. You can do it at your own pace and the sessions are recorded so you will never miss one!

Astrology changed my life and I know it can change yours too