Remembering the Sacred

In this world where we are bombarded daily for years with too much information and misinformation, news we can't do anything about, and the general weight of the world getting heavier as we are more aware than ever of what is going on for everyone, we need to come back to the simple and the sacred. 


Do you know what small things give you a sense of wonder ?
Do you have something you look at, a place you go, an object that means something specific to you every time you interact with it ?
What do you go to in your life to remember that we are all one ? 

Many people struggle now to feel a sense of sacredness in life. We wiz through daily activities, hooked up to phones and computers, in a flurry of  functional communication . We rarely feel we can stop to breathe sometimes let alone have a personal ritual, quiet time, alone time, laying under a tree time... We so need it. 

Without bringing religion into it - although religion is the organised expression of many acts, stories, and objects of sacredness, rolled into a very particular lens and set of values.  We can always turn to religion if we need to. But I want to talk about personal sacredness. What things are meaningful to you. I don't mean something on the wall you glance at and intellectualise. I mean something that you FEEL deeply when you read it, hold it, or see it. 

What can bring you to the tears that need to flow ? 

Our world is numb and apathetic - trauma bombardment will do that. It's not our fault we've become so desensitised. But just like other traumas or issues, the source may come from elsewhere but it's still ours to heal now. We have to refuse to be numbed.  
When we can connect to something with wonder and reverence or mystery, we begin to open the psyche and the heart again. Not everything can be explained or should be. It's the miracle of life!  This amazing powerful force of will that keeps things growing and changing regardless of what we think about it. 

Can you look at a flower blooming and feel reverence?
Can you connect to the miracle of birth - humans or animals?
Can you look at something near you and think of every person in the long chain of energy that brought it to you ? The people who grew the wheat to make your flour, the ones who milled the flour and sold it to make your bread, and the grocers, transport, marketing team, and barista serving you that croissant ? This is mindfulness. This will help you connect daily to the wonder of life that we are all one.

If it's easier to witness nature and animals to give you a sense of the Divine you can connect to that every day too. The point is to do it and let yourself feel that there's still beauty and magic to life, beyond social media, lies and campaigns. It's part of what is... but it's not ALL that is. Remember this and refuse to let life numb you.
Find a sacred space, place, poem, dress, ring, gemstone, or forest path.
Go there physically or in your mind's eye every day until you melt fear and resistance
Awaken to the sacred once more

Sainte Anne De Bellevue - Catharine Allan