Helping you make sense and  find meaning 

Spiritual Life Coaching is about actively getting you to a place where you feel empowered and excited to make changes in your life.  We come for coaching when we are at a crossroads. We have so much on our minds and on our plates we can' t see the forest for the trees. Other times  we  know we are stuck and have lost the energy or way to get out of it. The coaching process helps you gently find your goals and clarity again.


Much of our coaching will centre on active listening and intuition.  

I guide my questions for you to consider with my intuition and I empower you to trust yours.

Intuition transcends logic and yet is completely logical once accessed.

Intuition uses our whole being, not just our rationale and old beliefs

Intuition speaks in symbols, images and emotions

Intuition bypasses the tedious steps and analysis paralysis moments

Intuition is your soul speaking to you

Are you ready for a new life ?

Are you ready to trust yourself all the way to happiness?

I will teach you to hear your inner voice again, as you did long ago before you were told not to trust it. We will hone your skills and take you into a new way of sensing and goal setting based on a new paradigm for life.  Your higher self knows what needs to be done. I will support you to get there.


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