Tarot of the Month 

March 2016

Tarot reading for the month ahead

Ace of Swords - This card represents mental clarity. There is a burst of mental energy and fresh ideas. There is a clear cut path to enacting that idea as well. IT's not a time to get bogged down in how just yet, but to launch that arrow with confidence. 

4 of Swords - This is a chance to rest after battle or conflict.  A truce is reached. The swords meet in the middle, lain down after a clash of ideas or words. A time to regroup. The card shows Jupiter in Libra, a good sign for talking things out in a diplomatic way.  

2 of Wands:  The  two wands are opposing each other in conflict in this card. Mars is in Aries where it is at home. Mars in Aries is very quick tempered and fierce when aroused, but only briefly until the energy is out, then it's over.  This means strong words or emotions can boil over quickly and be let out bluntly. Dominion at the bottom of this card means someone is seeking to win or have dominion over others. 

Overall this month :

This month shows a lot of mental and physical energy being stirred up and released.  Bold ideas and bold actions are present and there will be many meetings, discussion, writings, emails, texts, calls, inner head noise - than usual. I get the sense of something simmering that now comes to a boil - but it has been simmering so long that the boil is inevitable and feels right for it to come up and express itself.  Whatever you've been suppressing in yourself will be cracking through the old pavement and demand to grow! Manage the conflicts that are also inevitable when you grow - give people space and time to adjust. Give yourself that as well. A lot of progress this month.

February 2016

Tarot cards for the month ahead! 

 3 of Cups - This card shows a joyful and abundant meeting of people. This card shows emotions in harmony and community with others. Creativity, warmth and even nurturing are available to us. It is happy and safe to express our love. 

Temperance (Art) - This is one of the more complex cards in the Tarot. It shows the balancing of timing = human and cosmic.  Everything has it's proper process and timing that we can participate in but ultimately we do not control. For example, we want something to happen for us - a relationship, a new job, a new apartment/house and we are frustrated that it's not happening yet. This card means that we aren't in control over the timing. Our own will, pushing harder, thinking it through smarter, meeting more people, seeing more apartments, or more job listings will not work. There is a higher timing going on - a Divine timing. 

Knight of Swords:  The  King of Swords is a  smart tough cookie. He uses pure logic and mental or psychological strategy to get whatever he wants. He isn't emotional so he usually does get what he wants. I find him one of the most powerful yet nasty archetypes in the tarot. Are you up against such a person ? or he could represent a company or authority figure in general.

Overall this month :

This month you may be tempted to shower someone with your love and help - and if it is a kind person this will be a wonderful journey if you pay attention to the timing of how the relationship evolves. Temperance suggests that you allow whatever dynamics and bonds to evolve in their own time, vs pushing things or trying too hard, or god forbid - forcing things.  If on the other hand the person you are giving to is anything like the King of Swords you need to be careful that you're not being used or taken advantage of. This can play out with ANY relationship, business, romance, family - it doesn't matter.  There is a great caution to go slowly and make sure that you are giving AND receiving.  

Another possible interpretation of the cards is that you start off the month with a great flow - your work, friends, finances are working well. You find things happening in an easy way, dominoes falling into place, even lucky timing. In walks the King of Swords, and he could be a powerful force to contend with. He may move your projects along, or be someone you have to deal with to get to the next level. He could be a strong minded person who is helpful to you even on  a personal level.  

There are always various ways the energy of the cards play out and it's different for each of us. However the overall feeling is similar. This February there is a great sense of flow, creativity, love and abundance, then Temperance walks in and says - watch the timing - you are not in control of when and how and with whom things happen . Then in walks the King of Swords and how things play after that depends on which side of him you get.  Regardless you'll be dealing with a strong male presence that shifts the vibe from flow to something more masculine and dynamic. 


January 2016

Very good cards for the month ahead! 

 4 of Swords - This is a highly social card. It is Jupiter in Libra - the expansion of an already artistic and social sign. here there are plenty of ideas flowing and conversations to uplift. The card also says "truce" on it, so if you have had any conflicts with others this is a time of laying down the swords and putting everything aside to rest or to discuss it diplomatically vs with anger.  This means you've already been busy and meeting people and if you haven't this is on the way in your life.

Ace of Swords - This card represents mental clarity. It is a burst of energy on the mental plane. Think of a brilliant idea. Think of what it means to be sure of thought and action. This card means you have that level of conviction - so act on it.

6 of Wands:  The 6 of Wands  is the victory card. There has been a battle, conflict, too many cooks in the kitchen, too many opinions in your face - or even a Mutiny on the Bounty situation.  This card is the moment you have walked away to do your own thing, or you won the battle and have your new-found clarity , mandate or go ahead. You feel a big relief in the air with nothing or no one standing in your way ... for now anyway. 

Overall this month :

This month the energy is brighter ad faster. There is plenty of mental and social activity in the air. It isn't a typical January cocooning vibe at all. It's more of a joining, learning, reading , chatting forever kind of month. With all the people and plans or information to handle we need to just be sensitive and not get too over the top. Remember that we all have to feel and process everything, so allow yourself some alone time or meditation to clear the mental build up, however fun it is. 

The feeling of this new year and month is really different. 2015 is finally OVER! and we can now look forward to the Fire Monkey Year beginning February 8th, ushering in a more active time.  Stay tuned for my full report on the Chinese year next month.

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