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August 19th to 26th

Connection Brings Strength

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9 of Cups, 2 of Cups, Ace of Wands

9 of Cups -  This is the card of happiness, where your emotional needs are met, and people are together in families and communities.

2 of Cups -  The 2 of Cups  is actually the lovers card ! It represents romance, innocence of new love and connection. It shows a partnership , even when not romantic , will be very compatible and supportive. 

Ace of Wands -   The Ace of Wands is pure fire energy - will, passion, action, spontaneity, drive, excitement - you get the idea. A burst of will power and drive

Overall this Week

This week we have lovely post full moon energy.  Make your peace with things and people as they are. Re-adjust your sails and your allegiances if you must. The full moon hectic/busy energy with its' opposition of Venus and Mars in Leo likely showed you some sides of people you didn't' know were there - in good and challenging ways. If the writing is on the wall for you then let go with love. 

It's time now to strengthen the bonds that bring you the most joy and that are most aligned with your spirit as you move forward. Even if its' one connection that's real, its' beautiful. Allow that to be your guiding light to others who are also aligned. The 9 of Cups is a great card of friendship and community, harmony in groups and families. The 2 of Cups is the lovers card, and intimate bonding and innocence of new love. The Ace of Wands is the fire! Will, creativity, passion and action that the energy of connection will bring to you.

The next step is to detach or let go with compassion of those who aren't travelling on quite the same road as you are