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January 21st - 28th Full Moon Eclipse in Leo!

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10 of Swords, 3 of Cups, Ace of Swords

10 of Wands - The swords in the back tell it all. It's time to give up and admit defeat or that you are done - finished. It can be a painful time or you can see it being finally liberated from a long battle. 

3 of Cups - The 3 of Cups shows a joyful and abundant meeting of people. This card shows emotions in harmony and community with others. Creativity, warmth and even nurturing are available to us. It is happy and safe to express our love. 

Ace of Swords - This card represents mental clarity - a burst of mental energy can look like an inspired idea, light bulb moment, eureka insight ! It's sudden and unmistakably clear at the time.

Overall this Week

This week starts with a Full Moon Eclipse in Leo! I wrote a blog article here for the chart of this eclipse.

Leo Moons like to shine and lead. They are dramatic and stylish and do not like to be told what to do. Along comes the Sun in Aquarius, Mercury in Capricorn and South node in Capricorn that says, suck it up and take one for the team- its’ not about you. But this Leo Moon has some help from the fact that Venus and Mars are teamed up in Sagittarius, and aligned with Mars in Aries - all fire and desire. And this full Leo moon may just say, screw that! You will have opposition to any bold move this eclipse, but you will also have a lot of support too. It’s very mixed. So if you aren’t quite ready for this bold “just watch me” moment, then you may wish to choose your battles, because Uranus is also in Aries, and squaring that Moon, making everyone pretty restless and self absorbed - trying also to break away fro all the cluster of planets in Capricorn. So we have this generally rebellious spirit coming up against duty or tradition and deciding how they want to go about this exactly. Is it time for a personal statement ? rebellion? uprising ? or will you just make a mess and chaos out of it all ?
— http://www.river-rain.com/full-moon-eclipse-january-2019-choose-your-battles/

The 10 of swords in this context then is perhaps showing you where it is time to give up trying or forcing things to work when they really just aren’t. This card is tough to accept, because we kept going long after there were signs and kept hoping despite no progress. This can apply to anything - our expectations, hopes, jobs, people.. You have to sit and identify what you are so sick of ? Where do you try too hard? Where has life been unsatisfying for a long time now ?

The next two cards, the 3 of Cups and Ace of Swords are the beautiful free, open flow and clarity of communication you will experience from this giving up or letting go. This combination gives us our creative spirit back, rest, ease of talking about things, connections to others are easy. If you can identify the 10 of Swords issue and release it - you will have much relief. Allow this eclipse intensity to highlight it and help you let it go.

Eclipses can really be true turning points if you are ready for it. We can be very bold under a Leo moon and all the fire planets supporting it. If you don’t have it in you yet, just get clear what you want and will do when you have more energy. If you ARE ready to take a risk and break free of something confining you - it’s a good time to do it.

Have a wonderful week

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