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November 12th to 19th

Hurry Up and Wait !

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8 of Wands, King of Disks, 4 of Swords

8 of Wands - The 8 of Wands  is a time for swiftness of action. Mercury turns retrograde for three weeks so try to wrap up important paperwork before the 19th.  This card can mean a short trip is open to you, and a lot of enthusiasm is there in all you do. Be spontaneous and bold with this energy!

King of Disks - This is a down to earth, steadfast and reliable man. He is very good at practical and material affairs. he may be a business owner or very sharp investor.  He isn't flashy - but he might be classy and understated. Sometimes he prefers Nature to the boardroom, even if he does both. This is the provider archetype. You won't find a more solid man.  His flaw would be stubbornness to change, given to worry in silence, and he could be a little dull if he is too routine or predictable  for your liking.

4 of Swords - This is a chance to rest after battle or conflict. The swords meet in the middle, lain down after a clash of ideas or words. A time to regroup.

Overall this Week

This week is a strange one because we have Jupiter in Sagittarius who wants to burst forward and have freedom to move, speak and express or travel, mixed with Mars entering Pisces - which is gentle and non-direct, intuitive and sometimes wishy-washy. We also have mercury Retrograde again! So there is a burst or push forward and a stall or a fizzle that can happen to us.

The 8 of Wands represents this upward movement and enthusiasm we want to see. he early part of the week you may be more active, optimistic and even take a risk somehow - even if that’s to speak your heart. The King of Disks is a person around you who is very down to earth and stable - or very conservative and afraid of change. He may be a factor in this hurry up and wait dynamic. He either encourages you to go forward or he stalls you - or is it both ? The 4 of Swords is the card of truce or negotiations. Lots of talking and lots of ideas shared. Will any of it actually happen or be put into plans? With the planets as they are we will need that burst of fire to get it to ignite - otherwise it may seem there has been a wet blanket thrown on you. So this week if you have the will power or momentum flowing then don’t disrupt that vibe- keep it going and avoid any stuckness around you. And if you don t’have that burning push to get things rolling then it is a god time to rest , be calm and patient.

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