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October 21st to 28th

Show Me the Money!

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9 of Pentacles, 6 of Pentacles, 8 of Pentacles

9 of Pentacles - This is the card of material wealth and gain. For some it might mean you are growing on the ladder financially, with raises, promotions, good investments or charging more accordingly for your products or services. It s not saying excess - it's a balanced but abundant time. The woman in the card is enjoying the fruits of her labour. If this doesn't apply directly through money it can be other ways you feel rich and reap rewards of your hard work.

6 of Pentacles -This card shows a different side of wealth. It's charity and generosity. Are you the one giving or the one receiving ? It suggests there is plenty to go around

8 of Pentacles  - In this card we see a tradesman working hard at his craft. This card bring wealth through experience, a chance to apprentice or learn on the job. It has a financial security to it and it has a sense of purpose.

Overall this Week

This week the cards are all about the practical, material plane of existence. Three very good cards for finances, security, getting what you're due or worth and sowing enjoyment, satisfaction, applying yourself for it (it's not lotteries, sorry ). The 9 of Pentacles shows someone who already has her fortunes - property, comfort - lovely garden too. The 6 of Pentacles shows charity, and the 8 shows apprenticeship. The wealth of this first card could be wisely used toward helping others, either by donation to those less fortunate, or by way to funding someone to go back to work, learn a skill, give it to schools or community centres for practical programs. With the Canadian election today, all we've been hearing about is the promises and projections of how to spend money to better care for the country.  How can this trickle down to your own life?
Wealth cards tend to make us all wish for a windfall or chunk that is undeniable and makes us feel safe and secure, but this isn't a general prediction in every case. However you could see your personal finances improve in some way this week. You could think about whether you have other resources to help people besides money. You could evaluate if there's something charitable you'd like to do for others - time is very valuable too.  Look around you. Who needs help ? Are you in a position to make anyone's life better?
For our personal finances ask yourself if you feel you're being paid appropriately for your work. Do you feel valued? Is the time or energy you're putting in reflected in your salary? the price of your services etc? Does your life have a comfort or security to it ? even if not perfect.  
Last but not least - is there something you can work on to learn as you do your job? Do you feel a sense of mastering something ? Do you have or need a mentor?
This week is a time to take stock and re-balance your books ;) Be grateful for what you already have and think of how you can increase your sense of satisfaction with life - this is also a form of wealth :).