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March 18th to 25th

Clearing a Heavy Influence

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Prince of Pentacles, The Aeon (Judgement), Ace of Swords

Prince of Pentacles - Aleister Crowley liked this guy the least in the tarot. He considered him indulgent and weak willed, only out for his own gain or pleasure. He can be lazy or just coast if things are going easily for him, and he can expect a lot without much work being done to earn it - on all levels. He considered him to be a Devil - because he has mastered the material plane and is the ultimate handyman or practical, materialistic person. He can seem dull or devoid of emotion but he isn’t. He is the darkest card in the Pentacles suit.

The Aeon (Judgement) - This is not so much the Judgement Day of biblical nature, but more of a judgement call that we must make on our own. There are times in life you simply have no external signs or reassurances and must decide and state where you stand on a matter. You are being asked to take a definitive step.

Ace of Swords - Cut through the crap! This card represents mental clarity - a burst of mental energy can look like an inspired idea, light bulb moment, eureka insight ! It's sudden and unmistakably clear at the time.

Overall this Week

 Full Moon in Libra

March 20th 9:43 pm EST

This week you must have noticed the pretty clear turn of energy. It was a heavy sorta dead week in some ways. We had awful news with plane crashes and terrorism in New Zealand. Lets’ not forget that we ARE affected by global energy, and this is only just what we DO hear on the news. Overall I saw many people every tired, sick, hacked, Facebook went down for hours, people injured, cars breaking down - shitty relationship dynamics…. people in hospital. Yes, these things happen all the time - but this week I noticed a dramatic lull in energy and heard many of these examples from everyone I spoke to.

So the Prince of Pentacles energy can represent whatever heaviness was about in your life. It could be an actual person like this, otherwise it’s the sluggishness and brooding energy we need to clear out ! The Aeon or Judgement card means it’s time to take a stand on whatever is pulling you down that vortex. It can be subtle mental shifts on how to see a person or situation. It can be boundaries needing to be set. It can be the inner work of shifting your own thought process to be more positive and healing directed vs self destructive. Then the Ace of Swords comes along and says AHA! your moment of clarity or insight is coming!

It’s also the Full Moon in Libra - the romantic pleaser moon who wants life to be beautiful and fair. But life isn’t fair or just. We have to make those decisions for ourselves ( The Aeon) and we wont’ hear Hollywood music playing in the background to tell us we made the right decision. We have to risk that we are correct because we’ve assessed to our best ability and have been as fair as we can be to ourselves and others - in our humaness.

Mercury is STILL retrograde too… so we want to still reflect on how to do or say what is needed until it goes direct on the 28th. This week it’s to get clear on what needs to be done so you clear the heavy weight off your psyche.

Take your clean fresh sword and cut out the crap!

Have a wonderful week

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