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July 15th to 22nd

Eclipse Endings

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10 of Swords, 10 of Cups, The Hanged Man

10 of Swords - The 10 of Swords means the end has been reached and you are defeated or crushed.  Already, these two cards juxtaposed makes it interesting. Should we give up the fight to tame someone or something ? Do we just give up? surrender something ? or keep working hard? When the 10 of Swords shows up I know it is the utter end of something and time to move on.

10 of Cups -  Everything is satisfying and they have reached the goal of emotional stability within a family unit, something greater than just themselves has been built and future generations will be provided for. The ten is always the end of a chapter and so begins a new one.

The Hanged Man - The Hanged Man is one of the transformation cards in the tarot. It represents a time of stasis - or so it seems! There is a deep shift going on that we may not realise until much later. If there are any situations in your life that have felt like you are waiting for it to be over, or the baby steps are all you can take, this is the card. We must literally hang in there and try to see the deeper changes going on under the surface

Overall this Week

This week we have the second eclipse of the month - a full moon partial lunar eclipse in Capricorn. It's made more intense by having the 7 retrograde planets as well. So what does this mean ? So far what I'm seeing are endings of all sorts. Situations that have been long dragging on are being confronted, or come to their breaking point and must end. The 10 of Swords makes this abundantly clear. The person is on the ground on their face with 10 swords in their back. It's time to give up and surrender. Whatever isn't working, whatever ways you've tried to help or adjust, or re-frame just to keep something going that died a long time ago - its' done.

 At the same time there is another alternative ending that utter defeat if we can see it.

The 10 of Cups is a happy couple arriving at their home and surrounded by children and prosperity meaning that there's a culmination of effort that may also lead you to peace and security.  It is still time to think of the next brand new chapter, but at least this one ends with satisfaction. If you find yourself clinging to any person or situation that is chronically unfulfilling it's time to let go - its' over now. If you can see how much you still have in your life, or how far you've come in your growth, then you've achieved the 10 of Cups even if things are not exactly as you want yet. Find the good in this ending.

The Hanged Man is where it gets tricky or interesting as an end result or advice. This is the card of slow and steady sacrifices that ultimately transform your life. If you keep hanging on or clinging to what is over, you could now go into a period of detrimental self sacrifice. This is obviously not advised!  If you allow yourself to let go and actually move forward in your life there will be a gradual transformation of consciousness that can bring you more enlightenment. True change feels odd or awkward at first. The Hanged Man will show you the way to altering your mind and reality and your energy and life will gradually reflect this and improve.

You really aren't alone in this. Many people over the past week are telling me about long overdue and sometimes dramatic endings to relationships or jobs that just weren't healthy for a long time. Lots of people are having body pains lately during this phase too. The old toxic patterns are playing out in our bodies and forcing us to stop and deal with what is truly in our hearts.  Do you best to rest, comfort and nurture yourself. Make the decision to confront the past and take action to change. .Self love is the way out of any dilemma