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April 22nd to 29th

Relationship Growth

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Ace of Cups, King of Pentacles, 4 of Swords

Ace of Cups - Ace of Cups  is a card of love. The essence of water, emotion, and creativity.

King of Pentacles - This is a down to earth, steadfast and reliable man. He is very good at practical and material affairs. he may be a business owner or very sharp investor.  He isn't flashy - but he might be classy and understated. Sometimes he prefers Nature to the boardroom, even if he does both. This is the provider archetype. You won't find a more solid man.  His flaw would be stubbornness to change, given to worry in silence, and he could be a little dull if he is too routine or predictable  for your liking.

4 of Swords -  This is a chance to rest after battle or conflict. The swords meet in the middle, lain down after a clash of ideas or words. A time to regroup and discuss. Keep an open mind.

Overall this Week

This week we have the chance to open up and repair relationship wounds. We have planets going retrograde - Pluto and Saturn both in Capricorn. As they retrograde we are reviewing things and there might be some old karma to clear. If we have been good with taking responsibility for ourselves and others we may see a reward for it, and if we’ve been running away or abdicating our responsibility we may have life teach us a lesson. Capricorn relates to responsibility, authority, climbing the ladder, emotional austerity, being practical and rules oriented. The King of Pentacles could easily be a Capricorn, Virgo or Taurus. This could be an actual person in your life or he could represent those themes. The Ace of Cups shows an opening of the heart or vulnerability, and the 4 of Swords is the card of discussion, truce, laying cards on the table and talking it out. You may find yourself over tea or a conference table duking it out with the authorities that be, or people who have been power tripping you, possessive with each other, too harsh on each other not allowing true expression. Now the Ace of Cups is showing us the path to heal this is to open your heart, and come to the table open to hearing what everyone has to say. Emotional vulnerability isn’t natural for Capricorn, Saturn, Pluto , Taurus (the sign we’re in) so there is an element of courage in order to sit down and be open. The 4 of Swords is a Libra card, so there will be lots of talking and mediating in the air. It also means there may be formal or legal agreements needed after the discussion is done. This can be a simple boundary as well - no contracts needed. On the lighter side of things, if you’ve been very good with others lately - you may see more love and intimacy entering your life. If these cards apply to love they are wonderful - the birth of a beautiful heart connection with a stable person - and the 4 of Swords in this case would be lots of late night talks, creative brainstorming and being inspired mentally. I wish you the latter.

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Have a lovely week!