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February 11th to 18th

Accepting Your Due

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High Priestess, 10 of Pentacles, Strength

High Priestess - The priestess is there to remind us that we actually already have all the answers we need. Your deeper self, your intuition, your spirit guides, your body  ALL know what you are avoiding, needing to finish, say yes or say no to, alter in your daily life, or feel called to do next. The hardest part is to listen to her  It is the fear and the "shoulds" and the "it's too late's" and the "I'm too old, or too young, or too ____ to do that's " that block our way.  This means this week is a week of mystery and of listening deeply to yourself. Be honest about what you sense and don't 'let your imagination carry you away.  We don't' have to see the whole movie, we just need a glimpse of the opening credits to start a new movie in our lives unfold  So don't be afraid of the unknown aspects. Take action based on your gut, your dreams, and what your body is telling you

10 of Pentacles -  This is  the card of wealth on the material plane. It can show up when we receive a lump sum of money, sometimes a loan, bursary, inheritance, and sometimes unemployment insurance, or a tax return, line of credit etc  The coins are arranged in the Tree of Life formation with Mercury in Virgo on the card. This means the smart and efficient use of your money and your budgeting. Mercury in Virgo is the accountant.

Strength - This card shows our relationship to beast or Nature. It shows a woman taming a lion. In this version of the card  there is love and complicity between her and he lion. She completely trusts and is at one with her animal/creative side. She works with Nature vs domination by force

Overall this Week

This week mars enters Taurus and Chiron enters Aries what does that mean ?

This week I feel a special energy in these cards. The High Priestess elevates the mood, and the context of all we do this week - meaning stronger intuition, feeling, attunement to higher ideals - including justice. The 10 of pentacles always represents a lump sum of money in some form. The Strength card also elevates the vibration since it is number 11 in this deck and represents the inter-relationship of man to Nature. Having money or material gains sandwiched between these two cards suggests that you can accept your due this week. If you have earned something you will get it. If you have played fair and ethical you can be rewarded, and if you haven’t you may be called to task on it. There is some sort of reckoning or evening out the karma this week.

Have a wonderful week

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